Professional Dog Grooming Prices

Among the many expenses associated with owning and caring for a pet are the dog grooming prices that you'll need to pay to maintain his coat. Because many people prefer to take their pets to a professional grooming service to have them maintained, there are a number of different services that provide this option for you. You can also stand to save a great deal of money by performing basic grooming functions at home. There are a wide range of different grooming services, from pet stores and supply stores to professional salons and grooming services. Prices will vary according to the type of service that you choose.

Standard Dog Grooming Prices

There are two primary factors that will influence how much a particular grooming service will charge to groom your dog. The first is the size of the dog; smaller pets are easier to groom and require less time, so they are typically cheaper. The second is the type of coat and fur that the dog has. Thicker coats tend to be more work and more difficult to properly groom, so they'll usually be more expensive than other types of coats.

For small dogs that have easy to groom hair, like miniature poodles, cocker spaniels and other related breeds, the typical grooming cost will be anywhere from about $30 to about $50. Midsize dogs with easy to groom hair usually cost anywhere from $50 to about $70, while midsize dogs with thicker hair are usually $70 to about $90. Larger dogs run from about $70 to $120 or so, depending upon the type of hair and the dog's behavior and breed.

A standard grooming typically includes a bath and shampoo for the pet, drying of the fur, trimming the fur and detailing work around the face and other sensitive areas.

Additional Costs

There are a number of additional services that you can pay for on top of the standard grooming. These include the following:

  • Specialty shampoos
  • Dematting of hair
  • Removal of skunk or other types of odor
  • Tooth brushing
  • Hand cutting of hair (as opposed to clippers)

Each of these will add a certain amount of money to the total. In most cases, specialty shampoos and de-matting usually cost about an additional $10 each. Removing odor from your pet's fur is a bit more involved and can cost $15 or so. Brushing of teeth is usually a small fee of $10 or less. Hand cutting of hair increases the total grooming time considerably, and may add a sizable portion of the grooming fee on top of the costs that you're already paying.

For the best selection of groomers in your area, look in the phone directory or consult with a vet. Keeping your pet properly groomed is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it improve his appearance, but it also keeps him hygienic and can help to prevent certain potentially harmful health conditions from developing.