Potassium Bromide for Dogs

Potassium bromide is a compound that occurs naturally in your pet's blood. This chemical is formed through various types of system functions and is partially responsible for maintaining your pet's nervous system and neurological function. If the level of potassium bromide that is in your dog's blood becomes skewed and is either too high or too low, one of the most common things that happens is that your pet may suffer from a seizure. If your pet has regular seizures, treating him with a potassium bromide supplement can be helpful in regulating the levels of this substance in his blood stream.

Potassium Bromide Overview

Because potassium bromide is a naturally occurring compound, it's generally not possible for your pet to suffer from any contraindications or negative symptoms by giving him a supplement of this kind. The only symptoms are generally seizures, which are almost always the reason why the veterinarian might recommend giving your pet potassium bromide in the first place. Therefore, if your pet suffers from seizures, it's a very good idea to consult with your vet about the possibility of using potassium bromide as a useful treatment option.

Finding the Appropriate Levels

Depending upon your pet's size, age, gender, breed and overall health, as well as preexisting medical conditions, there is a set amount of potassium bromide that should normally be found in any blood sample. This set amount of the substance is necessary to maintain a stable neurological system and to avoid any signs of seizures or other malfunction. If you plan to give your pet a supplement of this substance, your vet will first need to run a series of blood tests on your pet to determine what his standard potassium bromide level is. If the level is too high, a supplement of potassium bromide is typically not the best solution. If the level is too low, you'll need to experiment with different dosages of the supplement in order to find the appropriate amount.

In order to test the level of potassium bromide in your pet's blood, the veterinarian will need to collect a small sample of blood. Most pets do not mind this procedure, but it may be somewhat traumatic or painful for some. Keep this in mind when you take your pet to have this sampling done.

Benefits of Potassium Bromide

Although it can take several trips to a veterinarian's office in order to find the proper amount of potassium bromide that you'll need to use in order to supplement your pet's blood with the healthy amount of the substance, it is generally seen to be very effective at reducing seizures when applied appropriately. For this reason, it's a good idea to inquire with your vet about the possibility of using potassium bromide if your dog suffers from regular seizures for any reason. Potassium bromide can safely be combined with almost any other supplement that exists.