Potty Training Puppies with a Dog Litter Box

Potty training puppies is one of the necessities of pet ownership. Perhaps this fact has kept you from owning a dog, considering you live in a high-rise, or you're busy working a full-time job. Perhaps you have just bought a puppy and you're now realizing that there must be a better way. It is possible, and often very beneficial, to potty train puppies using a dog litter box. If you are considering this as a possibility, here are some tips, tricks and instructions.

Dog Litter Box Options

There are many types of dog litter boxes available at local and online pet stores. Some dog litter boxes are very similar to cat litter boxes, and others are made from grating material fitted together to make for a more pleasant cleanup experience. Dogs of all sizes can be potty trained, as litter boxes generally come in toy, miniature and standard sizes, while grated options are strong enough to hold dogs of any size.

Puppy Potty Training Supplies

There are a number of supplies you will need to begin potty training puppies with a dog litter box. The litter box or grated dog potty is essential, as is your choice of absorbent material for cleanup. Some people prefer to use newspaper or "pee pads", while others prefer dog or cat litter that is specially designed to absorb urine, and makes it easy to scoop out feces. You may also wish to purchase a litter scoop and a garbage pail or diaper bin that helps to contain odor.

Potty Training Tips

Training puppies takes patience. Potty training puppies, just like housetraining, will require diligence on your part. The best way to begin is to familiarize your puppy with the new place to go. Allow your puppy to inspect, and get used to, the litter box or grate without forcing a success. Explain to your puppy what this place is for, using a favorite term like "go pee," "do your business" or "use the box." Always use this term when potty training and remember to praise as often as possible. For the first several weeks, try to make sure your puppy is with you at all times, so you can catch the signs that use of "the box" might be necessary. Your puppy wants to please you, so praising and/or treats, when even the most feeble attempt is made, will encourage your puppy to continue getting used to his bathroom spot.

Crate Training with a Litter Box

Smaller dogs can successfully be crate trained, but dogs will generally avoid "going" where they sleep. If you have a smaller breed that you plan to crate train, integrate the litter box potty training method into your plan. Get a crate large enough to house the litter box and a spacious bedding area for your dog. Puppies will learn the method quickly and should automatically understand the concept of using the box. If there are accidents, leaving treats on the bedding area may discourage this.