Problems with Yorkie Pups' Ears

Yorkie pups are friendly, hyperactive and extremely loyal. They have this specific look that everyone expects from a Yorkie, which obviously involves the perked up ears. Some puppies have bent ears and owners are looking for solutions to correct that, through shaving the ears or fixing them with tape. Correcting the shape of the ears and treating and preventing ear infections are probably the main concern of a Yorkie pup owner when it comes to the dog’s ears.

Problems with Yorkie Pups' Ears

As in many other breeds, ear infections are common among Yorkie pups. Infections can be caused by various factors. For instance, built up wax inside of the ear or the ear remaining wet after bathing—all these can form the most appropriate environment for bacteria formation which is just a step away from ear infection. Another concern regarding the ears of Yorkies pups refers to their standing up. It’s common for Yorkie’s ears to perk up, so most owners try to figure out solutions to help with this, even if their dog is not a show dog.

Ear Infections in Yorkie Pups

Ear infections occur as result of several different factors such as:

  • Wax built up in the ear
  • Ears remaining wet after swimming or bathing
  • Ear mites

You can recognize an ear infection if you see all or any of the following symptoms:

  • Bad odor in the ear area
  • Discharge
  • Pawing around the ears
  • The dog reacts when you touch the ear
  • Loss of balance and vomiting if the infection is in an advanced state

Whenever you notice any of these signs, take your Yorkie to the veterinarian. The treatment is not complicated and involves medication and cleaning of the ears. Infections usually disappear in about a week.

Floppy Ears vs. Perked Ears

Yorkie pups have floppy ears when they are born. Their ears perk up between 3 and 6 months, and this might not happen in the same time with both of the ears. However, in some cases, the Yorkie’ ears do not perk up. Floppy ears are also cute, and if you do not want your dog to become a show dog, you might not be bothered by this aspect.

Still, if you want perked ears, you can:

  • Tape the ears
  • Reduce the weight pulling them down by shaving the ears
  • Massage the base of the ear
  • Refrain from touching his ears when petting him on the head

If you decide to tape the ears, make sure you shave them and clean them before you apply the tape. Keep the ears taped for about 3 days, then remove the tape and clean the ears. In some cases you might need to tape them for another 3 days, or repeat these sessions for weeks until you see results. To make sure you are doing the taping right, maybe it’s best to consult your veterinarian, a professional groomer or someone who has already done it. This method works only in puppies and not in adult dogs.