7 Tips for Grooming a Short Hair Dog

All dogs require frequent grooming, regardless of their coat thickness or length. Typically, a short hair dog requires less grooming than a long haired dog. Grooming helps keep the dog's coat and skin healthy and to reduce dandruff and frequent shedding. In addition, grooming will keep your house cleaner.

1. Groom Your Dog Regularly

Brushing is recommended once per day for a short hair dog. Breeds with extra soft hair will need less grooming, once or twice per week should be enough. By grooming, you will spread the oils secreted by the skin on the dog's coat and this will give your dog a healthy, shiny fur.

2. Moisten the Dog's Skin

Before using any brushes or combs, use a damp cloth to moisten the dog's coat and make the grooming process easier.

3. Use the Currycomb

Dogs require different types of combs and brushes according to the length and the softness of their hair. Short coated dogs require a currycomb in the first stage of the grooming. This comb is typically made of rubber and is gentle on the dog's skin. It will remove the loose fur and dirt from the surface of your dog's coat and will also massage your dog's skin, making him relax. Currycombs are available in different sizes: get a size that is suitable for you dog. If the dog is large, the comb should be bigger too, so that the grooming is time efficient.

4. Use a Soft Wired Brush

The next step is to brush your dog. Use a short haired, soft wired brush and try brushing in a direction opposite to the direction you used the currycomb. This will remove the remaining hair, the dead skin cells and the impurities from the dog's coat. While doing this, you may also inspect the dog's skin to see if there are any inflammations, rashes, parasites or irregularities. Early detection of skin cancer or any other health issues is important for the well-being of your pet.

5. Brush the Tail and Paws

Don't forget to brush the tail and the paws as well. Use a gentle comb. If you notice that there are overgrown hairs, you may clip these with a small scissors, to prevent the accumulation of extra dirt in these areas.

6. Use a Grooming Glove

As a last step, use a grooming glove to make the coat look shiny. You will spread the essential oils secreted by the skin throughout the dog's coat.

7. Use Dog Conditioner

In case you want to make your dog's coat even shinier, you may use a special dog conditioner. Make sure the conditioner doesn't cause irritation or extra dandruff on your dog's skin. Talk to your vet to see which conditioner is more suitable for your pet.

The brushes and combs are available at pet supply stores. The grooming can be performed at home and is usually a pleasurable experience for both the dog and the groomer. If you notice irritations on your dog's skin after using certain brushes or combs, stop using these and get help from the vet.

Alternatively, you may opt for professional grooming services, however dogs may be scared of a foreign groomer and the grooming session may also be costly.