ProMotion for Dogs

ProMotion for dogs is a formula that’s used to treat different types of joint disorders in pets. The formula is made up of a number of essential nutrients and isn’t considered a medication but a nutraceutical. Since the formula is considered safe for use, it benefits pets suffering from joint pain, arthritis and other degenerative joint disorders.

What Does it Contain?

ProMotion is primarily made up of glucosamine HCI, microcrystalline cellulose, grape seed extract and a few by-products of gelatin. In addition to these, ProMotion contains minerals like manganese, zinc and substances like cysteine and bioflavanol. While the formula is safe for use in pets that weigh more than 13 pounds, it can cause problems for dogs suffering from diabetes. This is because the ingredient glucosamine HCl that’s present in ProMotion elevates blood glucose levels.

This doesn’t mean that diabetic pets can’t take the formula. It only means that the blood glucose levels of your diabetic pet need to be monitored if he is taking this nutraceutical.

Dosage of ProMotion for Dogs

Dogs that weight 13 to 25 pounds require half a tablet, once a day. Pets that weigh 26 to 50 pounds should be given 1 tablet daily, while those that weigh 51 to 80 pounds should be given 2 tablets, once a day. If your dog weighs more than 80 pounds you should give him 3 tablets, once a day. This is the general dosage instruction for the maintenance dose.

When you initially start administering these tablets to your pet, you will have to give him double the dose that’s listed above for a short duration of 5 days.

How Does it Benefit Your Dog?

ProMotion is ideal for medium and large breed dogs. Such pets are most likely to suffer from joint problems, osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia because their weight exerts undue pressure on their joints. Large breed dogs that are excessively exercised are also at risk of suffering from these joint problems. ProMotion contains glucosamine that’s derived from natural sources. It promotes cartilage health by increasing water retention in the cartilage.

The other ingredients that are present in this formula also build healthy connective tissues and prevent further joint deterioration. Besides this, the formula has antioxidant properties that eliminate free radicals present in the body.

Administration of ProMotion

It’s best to first discuss the use of ProMotion with the vet before it’s administered. This is because, it’s important to find out the cause of the joint problem or pain before using supplements or over the counter drugs. The tablets should be broken and mixed with the dog’s food. Since it’s beef-flavored, it’s readily consumed by most pets.

If your pet benefits from this nutraceutical, you may have to administer it for life. If you choose to discontinue the medication, the symptoms like joint pain, inflammation and discomfort may return.