Silymarin for Dogs

Silymarin also commonly known as milk thistle is a flowering plant that’s known for its medicinal properties. Silybin is an active ingredient that’s extracted from the seeds of this plant. This ingredient is combined with other vitamins and used to prepare commercial medications like Marin for dogs and Denamarin.

Silymarin for Dogs

Milk thistle contains three biochemicals that have powerful therapeutic properties. These biochemicals include silybin, silychristine and silydianin. A combination of these three biochemicals leaves you with a substance known as silymarin.

Uses of Silymarin:

  • Silymarin improves liver function in dogs
  • It absorbs free radicals that are known to destroy healthy molecules in the body
  • It prevents abnormal growth of mast cells
  • Silymarin also promotes the production of bile

Administering Silymarin to Your Pet

Although Silymarin doesn’t require a prescription you must administer this substance to your pet only if the vet asks you to do so. If given in high doses, it can cause diarrhea as it makes the liver secrete a lot of bile. You should thus administer products like Marin or Denamarin to your pet, because it contains the right amount of silybin that’s ideal for your dog.

Marin for Dogs

This product contains Silybin A+B, Zinc gluconate and Vitamin E, and it’s available in two potencies. Marin for large dogs contains 70 mg of Silbin A+B while Marin for small dogs contains 24 mg of Silybin A+B. Pets that weigh between 36 and 54 pounds should be given half a tablet of Marin for Large Dogs, once a day. Those that weigh between 55 and 99 pounds should be given one tablet from the same box, and pets that weigh more than 100 pounds should be given one and a half tablet, once a day.

Administering Marin for Small Dogs

If your pet weighs less than 10 pounds, give him quarter of a tablet, once daily. If he weighs between 11 and 19 pounds give him half a tablet everyday but if his weight falls between 20 and 35 pounds give him one tablet everyday.

The tablets should be given after your pet has consumed his meals. The dosage instructions listed above are only general guidelines. The vet may alter the dosage according to your dog’s individual needs.

Denamarin for Dogs

Denamarin contains S-adenosylmethionine and Silybin A+B. These ingredients protect the dog’s liver from further damage. They also promote cell repair and help to regenerate dead cells. Pets that weigh less than 12 pounds should be given 1 small sized tablet everyday while those that weigh between 13 and 34 pounds should be given one tablet, once daily.

Dogs that weigh between 35 and 65 pounds should be given one large tablet daily and those that weigh between 66 and 120 pounds should be given 2 large tablets daily. The general dosage for dogs that weigh more than 120 pounds is 3 large tablets everyday.

The medication should be administered on an empty stomach.  These products are not known to give rise to any side effects. However, if you do have any doubts about the dosage or possible drug interactions, you must discuss these with the vet.