Puppy Throwing Up Food

A puppy throwing up food may be a serious issue of concern, depending on the cause of the vomiting. But it is also important for pet owners to know that a puppy throwing up is also a common problem, and is usually not an indication of a serious condition. Pet owners are advised to be cautious, especially with puppies, who are more vulnerable to health problems. When your puppy is throwing up food, there are several possible causes. To learn more about throwing up food and puppies, read on. 

Common Causes of Puppies Throwing Up Food

  • Your puppy may have eaten a food or material that made him sick. This is possibly the most common reasons in dogs who throw up or vomit. Puppies are more vulnerable to ingesting items than full grown dogs, and they are known to get into things they shouldn't get into. Puppies have been known to eat toys, small rocks, socks, plastic bags, plants, and other small items, as well as food that isn't intended for canines. When a puppy happens to eat an item that isn't intended for such, he will likely be unable to digest the item and become sick. Vomiting is common. 
  • The young canine may have a sensitivity to his food. Allergies in dogs is a common problem, as it is in humans as well. Certain dogs may have an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient that is in the dog food, and this commonly causes vomiting and sickness. Other symptoms of food allergies in dogs include skin rashes or patches, itchiness, hair loss, sneezing, and diarrhea. Your puppy may also develop a sensitivity to certain medicines or antibiotics as well. 
  • The puppy may be suffering from a disease or illness, causing him to vomit. Vomiting and other symptoms are possible signs of several various illnesses presented in canines. Mild infections and illnesses are common, and can cause vomiting and diarrhea in puppies. There is also the possibility of a serious infection or disease such as Parvo, liver disease, or bowel conditions, as well. If you suspect your pet is suffering from a serious illness or infection, it is recommended that you contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. Many serious canine diseases can be fatal. 
  • The puppy ate too much food. It is also possible for puppies to over eat. Eating a lot in a short time period can cause vomiting in canines, and is a fairly common problem.

When to Contact a Veterinarian

More than likely, your puppy is throwing up his food due to a less serious cause such as eating too much or ingesting an item that wasn't meant to be eaten. Even so, pet owners should contact their veterinarians when they notice their puppy throwing up his food, because it may be a sign of a serious condition or an allergic reaction. If you are unsure of why your dog is vomiting, it is advised to visit or call a veterinarian professional promptly. Puppies are often more prone to infections and diseases, and they usually have a weaker immune system than full grown canines.