Using Raw Meat as a Dog Food Supplement

Raw meat dog food is the sort of food your dog would eat if he lived in the wild. Since it's perfectly natural, it's also perfectly safe to supplement your dog's diet with a little raw meat. However, there are some practical safety considerations involved.

Use Fresh, High-Quality Meat

The best place to obtain fresh, high quality raw meat to supplement a dog food diet is from a local independent butcher or farmer. You don't need to buy the best cuts of meat, of course; just let the butcher know you're shopping for your dog, and that the meat needs to be fresh.

Feed your dog the raw meat right away, so that bacteria does not have time to grow in it. This prevents food poisoning.

Avoid Whole Raw Bones

Raw bones can splinter and injure your dog's intestinal tract. Play it safe by grinding up raw bones, or avoiding them altogether.

Exercise Caution with Some Meats

Tuna fish should be avoided because it contains mercury. Moose lung and liver can contain parasites. Pork, bear, polar bear, walrus and wild pig can contain a parasite known as trichinosis; these meats should never be fed raw, but only thoroughly cooked. Wild rabbits can carry a disease called rabbit fever which may be potentially deadly, so feed meat from cage-raised rabbits only.

Avoid feeding raw liver regularly, as this could give your dog Vitamin A poisoning.