Treating and Removing Matted Fur from Your Dog

The best way to treat matted fur is actually to ensure that the fur never gets matted by regular grooming either by the owner or a professional groomer. Aside from that, there is a process using a dog comb, steel brush and slicker brush. Matted dog fur can also be the result of a flea infestation with the dog scratching the area and creating a matted fur mess.

Step 1: Get Comfortable

Removing matted dog fur can be a time-consuming task, requiring a lot of patience on the part of both the dog and the groomer. Place the dog on your lap or on a table where you have control and yet both of you are comfortable.

Step 2: Follow the Fur Grain

Follow the grain line of the fur. Do not tackle too large of a matte or pull too hard causing your dog great discomfort and then possible noncooperation. Use your hands at first to separate out the fur from the matted fur ball.

Step 3: Use a Steel Comb

After you have separated out as much as you can by hand, use a steel comb to "pick" at the outer edges of the fur ball. Gradually work your way deeper into the fur matte. Do not "grab" a large clump and just pull. Removing matted fur takes time and patience. Divide the fur into sections since this process may take a couple of "sessions".

Step 4: Use a Steel Brush

After "teasing" away the tightly knitted matted fur with the steel comb, use the steel brush to detangle the loosely matted fur. This should also stimulate the skin to produce natural oils that nourish the fur and skin, producing a shiny and healthy coat.

Step 5: Use a Slicker Brush

A slicker brush can get deeper into the coat and remove the finer fur coat that is below the outer coat. This fine coat provides insulation and warmth during the winter.

Step 6: Clean up the Fur

Make sure you do not leave any removed fur around for the dog to "play" with or even eat it. Discard it immediately, especially if fleas were found in it since they will only take up residence elsewhere.

Step 7: Matted Pet Fur Remover

For especially matted fur, it may be necessary to use a detangler. In fact, after shampooing a dog, the use of fur conditioner or fur detangler will ensure that a bath does not produce matted fur.

Step 8: Clean Tools

It is important to clean your grooming tools after use so that they are sanitary, especially if you are using the same tools on several different animals. Also this will ensure that they are maintained in good working condition and do not need to replaced too often.

Start early with grooming when the dog is a puppy in order to familiarize him to grooming. This will make it easier for you if you chose to groom him yourself or for the professional groomer you send him to.