Removing Ringworm in Cats Naturally with Dermisil

You can safely remove a ringworm in cats using Dermisil, a natural cat ringworm removal treatment. Many pet owners choose this option over other treatments employing chemicals, to which their cats may have an adverse reaction. Dermisil is a very safe treatment and is FDA approved.

Ringworms in Cats

A ringworm is the result of a fungal infection that has infected the skin of your cat. Most feline ringworm infections are self-healing, and do not need to be treated. They are contagious, and can easily pass from cat to human.

As cats are asymptomatic-that is, showing no symptoms of an illness of infection-ringworms can be carried without being noticed. Sometimes the cat may form lesions and the characteristic raised-ring and scaly center of a ringworm infection. Cats may also form acne-like pustules, or even appear as another type of skin disorder. Hairs can be plucked from around the infected area, or the crust or skin taken itself to determine if the anomaly is due to a ringworm infection.

What Is Dermisil?

Dermisil is a homeopathic remedy that is a proven effective treatment for ringworm infections, as well as other types of feline mange. Its main ingredient is concentrated lime-sulfur, an FDA-approved component that is used worldwide to treat a variety of dermatophytosis infections.

It is often sold as a concentrate designed to be mixed with shampoo. This is due to the fact that the solution is stronger when freshly mixed, and it should not be pre-mixed and stored, as it will lose its effectiveness. Likewise to be effective, your entire cat should be washed, including the mouth, eyes, ears and feet. This will help catch and eliminate any additional infection, particularly if the infection is already quite severe.

A Dermisil cream is also available that is both medicated and highly moisturizing for your cat's skin. This is applied topically directly to the site of the ringworm.

Cautions and Considerations

Though Dermisil is a very safe treatment with no side effects, caution should still be taken when using it on your cat.

Be sure never to mix the solution stronger than recommended, as Dermisil may burn your cat's skin. If you notice a rash or your cat is in obvious discomfort from its application (not just from being soaked), rinse it out immediately and call your vet.

On light colored cats, the hair may turn temporarily yellow from the sulfur, but this is normal and it will wash out. The sulfur will not permanently stain the fur.

When washing the eyes, ears and mouth, be sure not to let it contact any mucous membranes, as it may cause scarring or blindness. You should bathe your cat as thoroughly as possible, and multiple washings may be necessary if the infection is severe.

You should not use Dermisil on kittens under two months of age.

Dermisil is a safe and very effective method of treating ringworms naturally that can be used instead of many chemical treatments available today.