Soft Dog Crate Features

A soft dog crate can be a choice for many dog owners. These types of crates are practical and may also be very comfortable for the dog. However, it is also important to be able to carry the crate when the dog needs to visit the vet or be transported.  

Comfortable Crate

A soft dog crate is primarily chosen as it is a highly comfortable and may be a good place for the dog to stay while he is being transported or it may even be the dog’s bed for the night.

Take a look at the crates that you find in the store and make sure you choose a crate that will give the comfort needed by your pet.


It is important that the dog crate is safe for your pet. This means that it has to be properly ventilated and should be made of materials that won’t pose a risk to the dog’s health.

Make sure the materials can be ingested and won’t choke the dog if he accidentally chews on his crate.


Among the main purposes of a crate is to transport the dog to various places such as the vet or in a bus/car.

Make sure that the soft dog crate you buy is portable and is not heavy, so that you can travel comfortably.

Non Irritant

The soft dog crates are made of various textile materials, which can irritate the pet’s skin and make him sneeze. If your dog is more sensitive and is prone to allergies, it is important to choose materials that are more likely to be non allergenic.

Test the crate you buy and see if your dog develops a negative reaction to it.

A Hard Bottom

A hard bottom is important as it will make the crate more stable and sturdy. Having a hard bottom will make your task easier when transporting the pet.

Also, if you need to take the soft crate with you on a flight, the air carrier company may have various requirements that will probably include having a hard bottom on the pet’s crate.

Water Resistant

Some soft dog crates are made of water resistant materials, which are very practical if the dog spills something or if the crate is taken outdoors, when visiting the vet.

A water resistant material will protect the dog, but will also protect the area where the crate is placed, if the dog spills food or other liquids inside the crate.

Easy to Clean

Last but not least, you will want a dog crate that will be easy to clean. The crate will have to be cleaned regularly, especially if the dog accidentally steps in his food.

There are certain materials that can be easy to clean at home and it will take you no more than 10 minutes to clean the entire crate. However, there are a few crates that have various fluffy materials that may not be cleaned and dry cleaning will be needed.