What to Look for in Travel Crates for Dogs

Travel crates for dogs have to meet special requirements to be accepted for boarding on a plane, bus or a train. Even if you are traveling by car, your dog may be better off in a crate.

The travel crates should offer comfort for your pet, but at the same time, they should also be of a certain size, so that they can be placed in the plane or train. When buying a travel crate for your dog you will have to keep in mind a number of factors.

The Size of the Crate

Even if the size requirements may vary and may be different for flights and for bus or train travel, there are a few sizes that you can use as guidance.

The airline companies have the strictest rules when it comes to the size of the crate. Most airline companies will allow crates that have the following measurements or less:

  • The height should be under 15 inches
  • The crate can be up to 15 inches wide and
  • 20 inches long

The crate may vary in size, but it should allow your pet to stand up and turn around. Make sure you can also place 1 bowls, one with water and one with food, if the trip is longer and the dog may be hungry or thirsty.

Before a trip, you will have to check with the airline or the travel company representatives about the sizes of the pet crates allowed.


The crate you choose for your pet should have proper ventilation, as this will ensure that the dog can breathe while he is on the road.

This means that the crate should have at least 1 side where there will be holes that will allow the air to circulate.

The crate will also need an opening, which needs to be secure, so that the dog won’t be able to open it during the trip.

Waterproof Crate

There are many types of crates: made of plastic, metal or even textile materials. Make sure you choose a crate that will be waterproof, as this will be more indicated when you travel.

If the crate is not entirely waterproof, you should make sure that at least the bottom of the crate is waterproof. The waterproof bottom will protect your pet from the possible water in the environment he will be traveling in, but will also protect the environment the crate is placed in, in case the dog spills his water or food.

Additional Features

The travel crate of your dog should also be portable. For this there may be some handles that are typically found on most crates.

Also, when traveling with your pet, it is also helpful if the crate is light, so get a crate that is made of a textile materials or a lighter plastic or metal.

Remember when you travel, place a tag on the crate including your address and name.