Qualities of a Good Scratching Post

Buying a scratching post for your cat is an essential step towards developing a healthy, active and well-behaved animal. Scratching posts allow your cat to keep his claws healthy and at a good length, provide exercise and stress relief, and prevent bad cat behavior, such as destroying couches, curtains and carpets in the house.

Different Types of Scratching Posts

Scratching posts can come in many forms, from a cat play house to a cat scratching tree, and with various angles, fabrics and textures for your cat. Some cats simply enjoy using a piece of cardboard while others may prefer a wider range of surfaces to use. It is a good idea to buy several types of posts, including ones with vertical and horizontal surfaces for scratching. Look fora post or cat tree with cat nip and toys attached to encourage activity. Posts may be made of made of wood, rope, fabric or cardboard, so try out different surfaces with your cat to discover which ones he prefers.

Benefits of Scratching Posts

A scratching post will improve cat behavior by providing the right outlet for his clawing and scratching needs. By using posts or trees with different angles and textures, your cat will exercise his muscles in several different ways, stay agile and active, and relieve stress on something other than your rugs. The best scratching post will have a variety of ways to relieve your cats scratching needs so try out several options to find the best product.