Teething Toys for Cats

Like other animals that grow in different sets of teeth, your cat will often require a set of teething toys for cats in order to make this procedure easier. Teething typically occurs in the first few months of life, and it lasts a different amount of time for each animal. Generally speaking, however, the entire teething process should be done well before your kitten has reached the age of 12 months. Still, teething can be a very difficult process, both for your kitten and for you. Teething toys may be able to help to ease your cat's discomfort and to give him something productive to chew on as his teeth develop.

Why Teething Toys May Be Necessary

Teething in cats occurs as the adult teeth come into the mouth. Kittens will find that they have several sets of teeth which come in at different times, from milk teeth to full adult teeth. As this happens, your cat's gums may be in a lot of discomfort and pain, and it's not uncommon for your pet to look for something to chew or gnaw on. These things can greatly help to ease the pain and help your cat to learn about the process of chewing with his new teeth.

Rather than allowing pets to chew on any item that they find around the house, and which may cause damage to an important piece of furniture or other item or place your cat at risk (if they happen to chew on something that is poisonous or toxic), many pet owners opt instead to buy specialized teething toys for cats.

Characteristics of Teething Toys for Cats

Teething toys for cats are typically either made out of rubber or a soft plastic, or they're made out of wool or another type of fabric. Depending upon the teething stage that your cat is going through, he may prefer one type of material over the other. For this reason, it's usually a good idea to buy a few different teething toys for your kitten.

Teething toys should be large enough and sturdy enough that your cat will not be able to either swallow them whole or to bite off a piece of the toy and swallow it. If this is possible, your cat may run into choking risks or other dangers.

More Information

Teething toys for cats are typically available at most pet stores and even at some veterinary offices. Make use of the time while your pet is teething to get him used to the custom of cleaning his teeth. Oral hygiene is very important for cats, but many pets will not be willing to sit still and have their teeth cleaned. By working carefully and gently with your cat from an early age, you can get him to be comfortable with this procedure for later on in life.