The Benefits of Brewers Yeast for Dogs

Pets experience many benefits after taking supplements of brewers yeast for dogs. Rich in Omega fatty acids, B vitamins and antioxidants, brewers yeast enhances health, aids with flea control and improves the immune system.

Repel Biting Insects with Brewers Yeast for Dogs

Researchers are uncertain why brewers yeast is effective at keeping biting insects away. However, many pet owners find that daily use of brewers yeast supplements does keep fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and biting flies from bothering their pet. Some believe it is the odor imparted by daily use of the strong yeast. Others feel the yeast may make the blood taste unusual and drive the biting pests away.

Improve Your Dog's Coat with Brewers Yeast

Brewers yeast is rich in antioxidants. Pet owners supplying their pet with a daily brewers yeast tablet report their dog's coat is shinier. Another benefit includes healthier skin. There's less itchy, dry skin in dogs taking daily brewers yeast supplements.

With a healthy coat, a dog is less likely to shed large amounts of fur. While it is natural to shed hair, poor nutrition causes a dog to shed more frequently. In addition, poor nutrition causes fur to look dull and lack any hint of shine. Think about any dog show you've seen on television. Those dogs often have thick, shiny coats due to extensive grooming and daily use of nutritional supplements like brewers yeast for dogs.

Yeast Supplements Benefit High Stress Breeds

Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and other stress issues benefit from daily brewers yeast supplements. During moments of stress, a mammal's body burns through B vitamins quickly. B vitamins help with nerve function and stress management.

Because brewers yeast is rich in B vitamins, it's an essential supplement for high-stress animals. It restores the B vitamin levels that are being used up rapidly. By having the proper balance of B vitamins, the brain doesn't signal the rest of the body to release hormones like adrenaline and epinephrine that trigger many feelings of anxiety.

Safe Brewers Yeast Dosages

The general rule for brewers yeast is no more than a teaspoon or one tablet per day. Your dog's weight will matter, so always follow the directions on the packaging if provided. Dogs with food allergies may react to the yeast. Watch for dry, itchy skin because this is a key sign of allergic reaction. If it occurs, stop the yeast and see if the skin rash clears up. If it does, do not give the dog any more yeast because he is likely allergic to the supplement.

Brewers Yeast Supplements with Added Garlic

Many brewers yeast supplements also add garlic. Garlic is beneficial to a pet. However, pet owners worry about these supplements because garlic is a toxin to dogs. The reality is that one gram for every ten pounds of body weight is a safe dosage. Supplements including garlic powder follow these guidelines.

Garlic offers antioxidant qualities that can help boost the immune system, especially when given with brewers yeast. Garlic also helps the liver remove toxins from the blood, and helps balance blood sugar levels.