Toilet Train Your Cat in 30 Days

So, you want to know how to toilet train your cat. It is important to know first of all that it can be done. As with training any animal it takes time and patients to be successful when training a cat to use the toilet. A cat can be properly trained to use a human toilet in just 30 days. Here's how to get it done.

Move the Litter Box to the Bathroom

On day one of training you will need to move the cat box to the bathroom and place it on the one side of the toilet. Allow your cat to get comfortable with the new location of the litter box. This should take about two days.

Raise the Height of the Litter Box

Each day raise the height of the litter box about an inch to three inches until it reaches the height of the toilet. Start by just raising it just an inch and allow your cat to get comfortable with the elevation, but again it shouldn't take to long and you should be able to increase the height daily. It is important to use something secure to raise the litter box. You don't want the box to slide off from any height or it can make training your cat much more difficult. It may be necessary to tape the bottom of the litter box to whatever you are stacking it on top of.

Place a Metal Bowl with Cat Litter into the Toilet

Once the cat box is the height of the toilet it is time to get your cat ready to use the toilet. This is accomplished by using a metal bowl as a litter box. Lift the seat of the toilet and place a metal bowl that nests easily into the toilet bowl and then lower the seat. Put cat litter into the metal bowl and encourage your cat to use the bowl as its litter box. 

Monitor Your Cat's Litter Bowl Usage

As your cat becomes comfortable with the metal bowl inside the toilet bowl it is important to help the cat learn to not stand in the bowl, but to position its feet on the toilet seat. This may require you to help your cat by physically placing your cats feet on the seat as they attempt to use the bowl. The amount of time for this step can vary from cat to cat.

Remove the Metal Bowl

Once your cat has learned to do its business while properly balanced on the toilet seat it is time to remove the metal bowl that contains the cat litter. Your cat will not be likely to notice this change as they should now be out of the habit of touching the cat litter to cover their waste.

With the removal of the metal bowl your cat is officially toilet trained. While the process can be a little daunting, particularly if you have very few bathrooms in your house, the results are outstanding. Saving the money on cat litter not to mention the time to keep the cat box clean make toilet training your cat well worth it.