Treating Ant Bites on Dogs

There are several ways that you may choose to go about treating ant bites on dogs. Since most dogs spend quite a bit of time outside, it's easy for them to get bitten by red ants, fire ants or other stinging insects. Depending upon the severity of the bite and the irritability it's causing the dog, you may choose to get a prescription medication, use an over-the-counter topical cream, or apply a homeopathic remedy. Any of these options are suitable, depending upon your preference.

Over-the-Counter Ant Bite Treatments

Over-the-counter medications and creams are available to treat ant bites on dogs. Simply visit your local pet store or the pet section at the grocery. Carefully read the instructions and precautions before making your decision.

Homeopathic Ant Bite Remedies

Some people prefer to avoid chemicals and medication when treating themselves and their pets. Homeopathic and all-natural remedies are available for relieving ant bites and itching or redness associated with stings or bites. Be sure to select homeopathic remedies that are specifically designed for dogs.

Prescriptions for Ant Bite Reactions

If your dog's ant bites are severe and causing a reaction or other type of illness, you may prefer or require a stronger dose of fast acting medication. A particular drug may need to be prescribed in this case.