Safer Storage With an Airtight Dog Food Bin

A dog food bin is an essential addition to a pet owner's pantry. It preserves essential nutrients and lessens the risk of pantry pests contaminating the food. If you own pets, keep their food stored in an airtight storage bin.

Air and Sunlight Damage Dog Food

Dog food in paper bags exposes food to air and sunlight. Unless you move the food to a dog food container with an airtight top, you risk loss of vital nutrients.

Dog food contains fat, and fat oxidizes when exposed to oxygen. This causes oils in the food to go rancid, and the essential vitamins are weakened.

Use an Airtight Pet Food Bin

Moisture from humidity in the air affect the food. The food absorbs moisture and grows mold. The dog will become sick from eating this food. By storing your pet's food in an airtight pet food bin, you prevent mold from developing.

Pantry Pests

Mealworms, ants, and spiders easily get into bags of dog food. Your pet could suffer an allergic reaction if bit by some of these insects. Store pet food in an airtight dog food bin to prevent pantry pest contamination.

What to Look for in a Dog Food Container

Airtight lids seal out moisture. The sides of the dog food bin should not be clear to prevent loss of vitamins and nutrients.