Treating Leaky Bladder in Dogs with Choline Supplementation

As your pet gets older, he may suffer from a wide variety of conditions that are due to a simple loss of muscular elasticity and function; leaky bladder is one of these symptoms. While a leaky bladder may not be representative of any long term or serious condition aside from natural aging, it can also indicate certain other problems that require medical attention, particularly if your pet is younger when he develops this problem. In order to treat your pet's leaky bladder, you'll need to have him examined by a veterinarian.

Depending upon what the determined cause of the condition is, your vet will recommend certain treatment methods. One of the most popular of these methods is a supplemental choline tablet or regimen.

Choline Overview

Choline is a vitamin supplement that dogs require in a certain minute amount. it is obtained, typically, through the diet. Choline is found naturally in many plants, and dog food oftentimes has extra choline added in to it in order to make sure that your pet receives adequate levels through his diet. Choline is responsible for a great number of different body parts and functions in your pet. It generally is used by the liver and brain in their day to day functions. Thus, it aids the liver in producing bile and processing different vitamins and minerals that go through your pet's system. It also aids the brain in general cognitive functions.

Without enough choline in his system, your pet will begin to see a cognitive decline. This is a common problem for pets that get older, as their bodies cannot process the choline that they eat as well.

Knowing When Your Pet Needs Choline

Many vets will begin to prescribe or recommend choline supplements for your pet before he shows any true symptoms of a decline in cognitive function at all. This is when choline is used as a preventative supplement. However, if you notice these or other signs of aging, including a leaky bladder, it's good to take your pet in to the vet before you begin giving him choline. This is important because it's possible that the symptoms you witness are based on other types of issues and conditions, and that choline will not be enough by itself to help correct your pet's problem.

Choline supplements can be found at many pet food and supply stores. They are not based on a prescription, as there are no known side effects of choline. Follow the proper dosage so that you don't upset your pet's stomach or gastrointestinal track; your vet can help you to determine exactly how much choline you should give to your dog, as well as how often.

Consult with a veterinarian in your area for any additional questions that you may have about the process of aiding your pet's bladder problems with a choline supplement regimen. Take your pet to the vet at the first signs of this issue.