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  • Is the ongoing dosage of Revolution adequate to kill fleas quickly?
    Or shall I take additional action such as Capstar? My dog regularly takes Revolution exactly as prescribed. I believe she has picked up a flea(s) during a veterinary visit yesterday.
  • My pitbull dog which was diagnosed with heart worms
    please help me i love my dog i have a four year old pitbull named nina which was diagnosed with heart worms on 5-11-10. i started interceptor due to the vets advice. and had no problems till 6-23-10 when she started coughing up blood and became lethargic like. i took her back to the vet and he gave her a celestone, and dexamethasone shot, put her on antibiotics and temaril p. she returned to her normal self, except for a few rare coughs until today when i noticed some blood on her mouth. what should i do?
  • My dog has ecoli can we catch it from her
    my dog has ecoli can we catch it from her and can my other dog catch it from her about ecoli what causes it in pets and is catching
  • What meds or med can i give my dogs to help prevent worms or parasite
    what meds or med can i give my dogs to help prevent worms or parasite please help
  • Could there be a large white puppy worm in my 15 week old puppy?
    I found my dog doing his bowel movement and there appeared to be a white long (from anus to ground) object while he was going then it was gone. She has been dewormed several times; I did it here a couple weeks ago. If this is a worm how could she get it and have it grow that fast!I suppose it could be a string. She is a puppy. But either way what should I do?
  • Heartworm test positive, even after heartgard prevention?
    My dog tested positive for Heartworms, but she had taken a months worth of Heartgard prevention before the test. Would this have made the test positive or false positive? Also is there any homeopathic cure for heartworms, I cannot afford the Vet prescribed treatments? Please advise me.
  • Can insects burrow under a dog's skin?
    My dog has a small lump under the skin the size of a pea. There is a small hole in the skin over the limp. There is pus oozing out of the hole. What could it be?
  • Can dog parasites be transmitted to a baby by licking?
    My dog gets very excited around my grandson and keeps trying to lick him. My daughter thinks the baby can get parasites this way. Is that true?
  • Are these dog worms symptoms?
    Recently my dog has had mucousy and bloody stools, his stools were checked at the vet. She said that it might be worms and prescribed lopatol 500mg tablets. Is this necessary seeing as how my dog has been on sentinel which treats fleas as well as worms. Is my dogs problem as simple as worms seeing how he was on sentinel or is it more serious?. Thanks.
  • What is chiggers in dogs?
    How do dogs get chiggers?What is the treatment for them? How do you prevent them?
  • Giardia dogs treatments? Change his diet?
    He tested positive for giardia about a month ago, but after two rounds of treatment tested negative. Since then his stool has been back and forth, firm, soft, and mushy like pudding. I never know what it will be like. He goes at least 4 times a day, sometimes more. We have pigeon coops in the backyard, which we have fenced off, but occasionally he gets into one of them. We also have a koi pond which he has recently discovered. He also finds and eats cat poop. Is this why the loose stools? Gina
  • Cheaper way of ridding dog mites?
    We just got a black lab that is 4 months old the vet says that she has mites she offered us some expensive stuff to cure her that added up to 300 dollars for just one visit! Is there a cheaper way to get rid of mites?
  • How can I tell if my dog has lyme disease?
    My almost one year old puppy has been sleeping a lot more in the last week. We just started using Frontline on her 2 weeks ago. I am worried that she has lyme. Is there anything that I can look out for to let me know if this should be a concern? Thanks for your help!
  • Treating a dog tick infected area on skin?
    The tick was killed on the dog and the head was left in. There is now an infection that is oozing puss. What do we do to treat it and how do we tell if it is getting better and if the head is out?

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