The Advantages of Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food offers even the most finicky of dogs with a pleasing-to-the-palate way to get their daily nutrition. Traditionally more expensive than dry kibble, fresh dog food is nonetheless among the best dog food available.

What Sets Wet Food Apart

Wet dog food provides the following advantages over dry dog food:

  • Freshness - Wet food contains fewer preservatives and maintains a smaller risk of bacteria infecting the food during processing.
  • Taste - Vets and nutritionists widely agree that wet food, with its cuts of meats and vegetables soaked in sauces, is more flavorful to dogs.

Dental Issues

A diet consisting entirely of wet dog food is not without its disadvantages. Besides its greater affordability, dry food is able to scrape plaque off of teeth, so consider balancing your dog's diet with both dry food and wet food.

However, a dog whose diet consists entirely of dry kibble is not without dental advantages. Fresh dog food is easier for the dog to chew, which is especially advantageous for the older dog or the dog with jaw problems. Regardless of what you feed your dog, you should brush his or her teeth regularly.