What Is the Best Joint Supplement for Cats?

The best joint supplement for your cat is one that alleviates the symptoms of joint degeneration or arthritis. Pets suffering from joint disorders aren't able to perform routine tasks and suffer from a lot of pain and discomfort. Although there isn't any permanent cure for joint disorders and arthritis, cats are often administered joint supplements to slow down the progress of joint degeneration.

While joint supplements agree with some pets, others may show no signs of improvement. To find out if any given joint supplement benefits your cat, you will have to administer the supplements for nearly three months.

Symptoms of Arthritis and Joint Disorders

If your cat is suffering from arthritis, he will be unable to climb stairs. He will also be reluctant to walk, run or jump. The pet will stop grooming himself and show signs of reduced playfulness and lethargy. The cat may also become obese, since he is unable to engage in any form of exercise. Pets suffering from joint problems find it difficult to rise after sleeping for a few hours. Their joints also become stiff and swollen.

Such pets require prompt diagnosis and medical intervention because they're suffering from a lot of pain and discomfort. Cats in particular tend to mask the symptoms of any illness. Pet owners have to therefore be vigilant and make note of any changes in the cat's behavior.

Treatment Options

Although some pets require surgical intervention, other cats are treated with anti-inflammatory medicines or corticosteroids and painkillers. Since these medicines cause several side effects that are often irreversible, it's important to use safer treatment options. Joint supplements contain ingredients that increase joint mobility and slow down joint degeneration.

Several supplements contain the active ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin, which are known to promote joint health. Since a few commercially available supplements contain artificial ingredients, it's important to read product labels to find out if the product is of the best quality.

What Is the Best Supplement?

The best supplement for your pet is one that addresses your cat's unique health concerns. Look for supplements that contain ingredients derived from natural sources. More often than not, supplements that contain good quality ingredients are more expensive than others. However, you must conduct a vet check to rule out underlying illness and ask the vet to recommend a supplement that's suited to your pet's overall condition.

The nutritional needs of aged pets or cats suffering from underlying health conditions differ. Aged pets suffering from arthritis along with obesity or diabetes require special supplements and diets that promote weight loss. You should keep this in mind when selecting joint supplements and consider purchasing ones that meet your pet's recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Commercially Available Joint Supplements Include:

  • Cosequin for Cats
  • Super Joint Enhancer Soft Chews
  • Super Joint Omega
  • Duralactin
  • Joint Enhancer for Cats

Although all of these supplements bring relief from the symptoms of joint disorders, many pet owners prefer administering Cosequin to their cat. Before administering any supplement to your cat, read and follow package instructions. If the pet shows signs of improvement, you may have to administer the supplements for the rest of his life.