A Natural Asthma Remedy for Cats

Providing a natural asthma remedy for cats can be a great way to alleviate symptoms and also to lower costs of treatment. Natural remedies generally do not cost as much as traditional medications designed for most illnesses and diseases, and with some trial and error you will likely find a remedy that works well. In addition to using a natural remedy for cat asthma, you'll also need to be responsible for other changes to your cat's environment. Natural remedies are based upon treating the cause of an illness, rather than disguising the symptoms. Removing allergens from your home, improving your cat's diet and making a commitment to discovering the best natural remedy will improve your cat's asthma condition and overall health and well-being.

Cats and Natural Remedies

Finding the right natural asthma remedy for your cat can be tricky. A cat's body is designed with several key differences from that of other species. Most notably, a cat's liver doesn't effectively process toxins. Because of this, cats cannot tolerate many chemicals, even some natural chemicals found in herbs and essential oils. It's very important to understand this fact before choosing any natural asthma remedy that you can find. First, you must look for a remedy that's formulated especially for cats. You'll also want to carefully research each of the ingredients to make sure they will appropriately treat the symptoms your cat is displaying.


Using homeopathics as a natural asthma remedy for cats is one of the best ways to treat this illness. Homeopathy works by observing the totality of symptoms of the individual cat, and then recommending a treatment based on the results. This option will often require a trained holistic specialist, as treatment options will be very specific. Homeopathy may require some trial and error to determine a treatment that helps to reverse symptoms by alleviating the root cause. For example, a homeopathic treatment with phosphorus may be helpful with symptoms involving respiration, but additional symptoms may lead a practitioner to recommend a combination of herbs or minerals.


Before beginning treatment with any natural asthma remedy, it may be important to detoxify your cat. A hair analysis kit can be purchased to help discover deficiencies and excesses of many necessary minerals. Toxic ingredients are found in the majority of commercially sold cat foods, as well as household cleaners, pesticides and other man-made substances. Toxic buildup of heavy metals and medications contained in vaccines may be contributing to your cat's asthma. The detoxification process can also be very beneficial in alleviating and preventing symptoms.

Other Points to Consider

In order for any natural asthma remedy or detoxification process to work properly, you must completely remove any toxins from your cat's surroundings and diet. You may wish to research a more healthy cat food, or begin to prepare home-cooked meals containing only fresh foods. Certain types of cat litter can also contribute to respiratory problems. Switch to litter made from plants, wheat or recycled newspaper to cut down on chemical exposure and dust.