Administering Cat Eye Drops

Many eye infections, diseases or injuries will require treatment by the administration of cat eye drops. Some cats will resist this treatment, especially if the eye is in significant pain. There are some techniques which make this process much easier to complete, and with a little bit of patience you should find your cat's eye infection healing.

Gentle Restraint

It may be necessary for you to retrain you cat for the successful administration of cat eye drops. This must be done gently, and in a loving way, to avoid injury to the cat or to yourself. If it will be necessary to give eye drops on a continued basis, it will also help to speak in a loving way while the cat is being held, alleviating as much fear as possible. If you have a helper, it might be most effective to have that person hold the cat, facing you, by the front legs and chest. If another set of hands is not available, you could wrap the cat in a blanket, or set the cat on a slippery surface like a tabletop of dryer, while trying to keep your body as close as possible. This prevents the cat from running away and hiding.

Preparing the Medication

Make sure to have all the materials you'll need readily available, as you'll want this to be as quick a process as possible, and your cat will appreciate that as well. Have the medication, and read the instructions so you know ahead of time how much of the cat eye drops you'll need to administer. Have any eyewash solution or wipes required, and have a favorite cat toy or treat for when the episode is successfully complete.

Technique for Safely Administering Cat Eye Drops

When you are ready, with cat in place, grasp under and around the cat's chin with your free hand. Hold the head tightly, but not forcefully, and gently face the cat's head at an upward angle, so the cat is looking toward the ceiling. Try to hold the affected eye slightly open with the index finger that's grasping the chin. Bring the cat eye drops over the top, or around the side of the head. The point is to keep the cat from seeing this coming, and to prevent any wild reactions. Rest the hand with the eye drops on top of the cat's head and keep the tip of the bottle at least one inch from the cat's eye, to prevent injury. Squeeze the required dose into the eye, making sure not to touch the eye with the dropper, and hold the cat's head in place long enough for the medication to disperse over the eye.

Talk and Offer Praise

Once you are finished, before letting your cat run free, it will be of great benefit to talk and offer praise. Pet your cat and express words of thanks or appreciation. Offer a treat, or some catnip, as an exchange for the cooperation. If your cat realizes that treats come after this experience, it may lessen the stress when the next medication time comes around.