Feline Eye Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a feline eye can be a simple and easy task for both you and your cat. By starting an eye care routine early in your kitten's life your cat will become accustomed to eye cleaning and stay calm.

Feline Eye Care

  • Check your cat's eyes once a week for signs of redness, irritation, swelling, discharge, excessive watering or changes of color.
  • Hold your cat on your lap or place him on a flat surface. Hold one arm across his body and use this hand to hold the head under his chin. You may also hold the cat by the scruff of the neck by holding the excess skin between the ears and shoulder blades.
  • Clean any mucus or debris with a sterile eyewash or wipe the eye with a clean, damp cloth.

Applying Eye Drops to Cats

If you have to give your cat eye drops that have been prescribed by a veterinarian it is important to stay calm, be firm and apply the drops correctly.

  1. Restrain your cat in your lap or on a flat surface as described above. It may also help to have a helper to restrain the cat while you apply the drops.
  2. While holding the cat's head in your hand, use this thumb to open the cat's eye. Hold the eye dropper 2 centimeters above the eye but do not touch the eye; apply the correct number of drops to the lower pouch of the eye. Switch to the other eye and repeat.
  3. Comfort your cat with praise or a treat.