What Is the Average Cost of a Spay and Neuter Clinic?

Neutering a pet can have multifold benefits and should be performed so that the growing number of pets without owners is controlled. If you are considering neutering or spaying for your cat or dog, you should get informed on the average cost of spay and neuter clinic. The costs may vary according to the way the procedure is performed, when it is performed and the location of the clinic.

Spay and Neuter Average Costs

The average costs of a spay or neutering procedure is $100 or $ 150. However, the costs of the surgery may be anywhere between $50 and $500.

The price may depend on several factors including:

  • The method used for the spaying; presently there are 2 methods employed: the traditional method using a scalpel and the laser beam procedure. The laser neutering procedure is costlier than the traditional surgery.
  • The location of the clinic may also be a factor that influences the costs.
  • The experience of the surgeon.
  • The surgery may be more pricey if the pet is in heat or pregnant. In these cases, the vet will have to spend more time on the surgery.

There may be pet shelters that perform the spaying for free or for a low fee. If you can’t afford the neutering costs, you should get informed on a few options, as the neutering is essential and should be performed on all pets.

If you would like to neuter your pet in a pricier clinic and you don’t have the necessary money, you may opt for a loan.

If your pet has insurance, the pet insurance should cover the costs of neutering.

Additional Costs for Spay and Neuter

The neutering procedure may involve additional costs such as:

  • The anesthesia, as the neutering is performed under anesthesia
  • A day of hospitalization, as some vets prefer to keep the pet under observation for 1 day
  • The pain killers required after the surgery
  • Antibiotics, which may be needed to prevent an infection of the surgery wound
  • Preliminary blood tests; if the vet chooses to perform these

You should always ask about what is included in the neutering surgery cost and make sure to get informed about the possible additional costs.

How to Find a Vet to Perform the Neutering

The vet that performs the neutering may be your regular vet or you may opt for a clinic that performs only neutering surgeries. You may also opt for animal shelters that offer neutering surgeries for a lower price.

Go online and search for a few vets that perform neutering surgeries in your area. Pay a visit to a few and decide where your pet should get the neutering surgery.

Neutering is a practical procedure; not only will your pet be sterilized, but the surgery will also prevent reproductive system cancers, reduce the spraying behavior (in cats) and make your pet calmer and friendlier.