Tips for Finding a Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic

Low cost spay and neuter procedures are generally offered to pet owners from low income groups. Spaying or neutering pets is a surgical procedure performed to sterilize pets through removal of their reproductive organs. Pet owners should understand the importance of spaying or neutering, as it increases the pet's health benefits.

Importance of Spaying or Neutering Pets

Since animal shelters are already burdened with overpopulation of dogs and cats, pet owners that choose not to breed pets should spay or neuter them to avoid overpopulation. Most pets at animal shelters are euthanized due to the lack of sufficient homes to nurture them. Spaying or neutering pets also has certain health benefits. Pets that are neutered at an early age are less likely to develop urinary diseases and cancer of the reproductive organs. It also reduces behavior issues or aggression caused by the need to mate and roam outdoors.

Low Cost Spaying or Neutering

Spaying or neutering procedures performed at private vet centers are more expensive than procedures performed at a clinic. Although the cost varies according to location, the average cost of neutering a dog at an animal hospital is nearly $300. The cost of surgery may also vary according to the weight of the dog and medical conditions present. Due to the expenses incurred, several pet owners choose not to own additional pets. However, there are several ways to spay or neuter pets at low cost. Regardless of the animal hospital or clinic used to conduct this procedure, pet owners should ensure that the surgery is performed by a licensed vet surgeon.

Tips for Low Cost Spaying or Neutering

Pet owners that choose to adopt a dog from an animal shelter often receive spaying or neutering services at minimal cost. Pet owners may also choose to spay or neuter pets at government animal organizations that offer discounted rates to spay or neuter pets. In order to find a low cost clinic, pet owners should call local animal shelters and humane societies. There are various organizations specific to certain states that offer low cost procedures for spaying or neutering. Pet owners may begin by looking up animal shelters listed in phone books or on the Internet. A well known organization that addresses the spaying or neutering needs of pets is Spay USA. They also have a referral service for discounted spaying or neutering at certain clinics. Apart from choosing a low cost clinic to perform the procedure, it's advisable to inquire about post-surgical medication expenses and additional costs.

Other Low Cost Options Include:

  • Vouchers from the local vet or animal organizations
  • Pet insurance
  • Pit Bull Rescue Central for free programs
  • American Veterinary Medical Association

Tips for Pet Owners

It's important to know if the vet surgeon is experienced or a trained student performing the procedure. Pet owners should also know the type of anesthesia administered to the dog and risks associated with individual pets. Since pet owners are often misled by myths about spaying or neutering pets, it's best to obtain more information about the procedure before it's conducted.

Although low cost clinics provide subsidized rates for spaying or neutering, individual pets may not get optimal attention and care. It's best to approach several clinics to better understand their services and then make a decision.