How Much Does Dog Neutering Cost?

Dog neutering is a general term used to designate the sterilization of male and female dogs. The term may also refer only to the sterilization of male dogs, while the sterilization of female dogs is also known as spaying. Having your dog neutered can be beneficial both for the dog’s behavior and health and it will also help reducing the number of unwanted dogs.

The costs of a dog neutering will depend on the size of the dog and the complexity of the procedure.

Average Costs for Neutering

The costs of traditional dog neutering will be between $50 and $170. The costs will depend on whether:

  • The dog is small or larger
  • The dog is male or female, as the spaying procedure is more difficult

Some spaying clinics will charge more, depending on the geographical location.

If spaying is performed, the cost may also depend on how old the dog is. If the spaying is performed before the first heat cycle of the dog, the procedure is simple, while if the procedure is performed on an adult dog that has already had puppies, the procedure will be more complicated.

The costs of neutering performed with laser beams will cost between $150 and $500.

The Surgery and What’s Included in the Cost

The neutering procedure is performed by removing the testicles for the male dogs or the ovaries and the uterus for the female dogs and then the incisions are stitched up.

The costs of neutering should include the general anesthesia as well.

Additional Costs

You may have to pay extra for the neutering procedure if the dog is in heat or obese. Most vets will charge a flat fee of $25 to $50.

If the dog is pregnant, the spaying may cost more (an extra $50 to $100).

After the surgery, the dog will require pain medication, which will cost something extra.

The vet will also opt to run some blood tests before the surgery, to prevent any complications related to the surgery or the anesthesia. This can cost up to $50.

If you would like to get some testicle implants for your male dog, these will cost between $100 and $1,000.

Lowest Prices for Neutering

If you can’t afford to pay for the neutering procedure at a vet clinic, you may visit an animal shelter or a humane organization that will perform the neutering for up to $50. The reason the costs are so low is because these shelters or organizations receive subsidies. In some cases, there are students at these shelters or organizations that will perform the neutering for free.

Pit bulls may also be neutered for free in certain geographical areas, due to the law in these areas which requires pit bulls to be neutered to avoid violent behavior.

There are also some clinics that may offer a discounted neutering price, but you have to make sure the person performing the procedure is board certified, so that your pet is in safe hands.