How Much Does Cat Neutering Cost?

Cat neutering or spaying helps keep the animal population under control, reduces a cat's risk of exhibiting behavioral problems and decreases or eliminates a cat's chance of coming down with some diseases and illnesses. Owners concerned about the cost of this procedure have several options.

Vet Clinics

Because cat neutering and spaying is a standard, common cat surgery, most vets offer the procedure at their clinics. The cost of the procedure will depend on the owner's location, the exact type of procedure performed and the gender of the cat:

  • Location: The area in which the owner resides can be a factor in the cost of neutering or spaying a cat. The greater the area's standard of living, the greater the cost of the procedure. For example, neutering a cat in the suburbs at a vet clinic may cost around $60 to $70, whereas a metropolitan area vet may charge between $100 to $200 for the same procedure.
  • Type of Procedure: Cats can be neutered or spayed with traditional surgical tools, such as scalpels, or with the aid of lasers, which make the cuts cleaner and faster to heal with less bleeding, less swelling and less chance of infection. Opting for laser surgery over traditional surgery can add $40 to $60 to a procedure.
  • Gender of Cat: Neutering male cats costs less than spaying female cats, because the procedure is less invasive and is performed outside of the body. For example, neutering a male cat may cost $70, whereas spaying a female cat in the same location with the same type of tools may cost $130.

Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics

Humane shelters and other animal organizations recognize that it can be difficult for owners to be able to afford cat neutering and spaying, particularly if they've come into a large litter of kittens at once. However, they believe in the importance of controlling the cat population and thus make it their mission to provide these procedures at affordable prices. There are both traveling and traditional clinics that specialize solely in animal neutering and spaying for affordable prices.

Some low cost clinics charge on a sliding scale based on an owner's ability to pay, and require proof of income to help determine the cost. The procedure may be performed for free or for around $15 to $25 at these clinics, and usually requires an appointment and pre-approval, although some traveling clinics come to neighborhoods to neuter and spay all local pets for a certain amount of time. Owners who need help locating a nearby clinic should contact their local humane societies for referrals.

Adoption Discounts

Many humane societies and animal shelters work in conjunction with local vet clinics to offer cat neutering and spaying at discounted rates. Adopting a cat or kitten in need of the procedure through one of these organizations can typically save an owner $50 to $60 on the procedure.

Cat neutering and spaying is an important responsibility of the cat owner to help control the cat population. Owners should compare local vet clinic prices, consider low cost clinics and adopt through rescue animal organizations to save money on the procedure.