Picking the Perfect Cat Bed

Picking the right cat bed will create a more comfortable and welcoming environment for your pet. It is important to choose the right style, texture and size of the bed so your cat or kitten will always want to use his new sleeping area.

Choosing the Right Size

A cat or kitten bed can be a simple pillow or an elaborate and large cat condo for multiple animals. Consider what would work best in your home. It may also help to see where your cat likes to curl up in the house and put the bed nearby. The bed can always be moved later.

Textures and Styles of Cat Bed

Cats can be picky when it comes to where they sleep, and knowing which textures your cat enjoys will help you find the right bed. Some fabrics are more rough and scratchy while others are soft and plush. No matter which fabric you choose, buy a bed with that is easy to assemble, sturdy, and with a washable cover to get rid of odors, dirt, or parasites like fleas. Some beds can be washed in their entirety, making cleaning simple and easy.

There are many shapes to choose from as well, including cups, window perches, simple pads, beds with hoods and coverings, condos that include scratching posts and cat trees, or heated cat bed for older cats with arthritis. It can help to buy multiple beds, including an outdoor cat bed, so your pet will always have his own comfortable area to curl up and nap.