Applying Canine Eye Drops

Applying canine eye drops is stressful on both dog and owner. For your safety, consider muzzling your dog.

Clean Around the Eye

Clean the outside of the dog's eye to remove any debris or eye discharge. By starting with a clean exterior, you reduce the risk of irritation.

Read the Dosing Instructions

Read the label to ensure you understand the proper dosage for the canine eye drops. It's always best to double-check, even if you are certain you remember from prior times.

Support the Dog's Head

You must get hold of the dog and restrict movement. Place your arm under the dog's neck ending with your hand near the dog's eye. Use gentle vocal tones and praise to ease the dog's mind.

Pry Open the Eye

Use the hand that is securing the head to pry open the dog's eye. The dog's eye must remain open until you've applied the full dosage.

Apply the Eye Drops

With your free hand, shake the bottle to mix ingredients. Quickly apply the canine eye drops while prying the dog's eye open. Do not release the dog until the complete dose is given.

Follow-Up Care

Your dog will blink a few times. This is helpful in spreading the medication to the entire surface of the eye. Now is the time to offer a dog treat and plenty of love. By following up with positive attention, your dog will be less fearful in the future.