Cat Feeding Tips

There are many ways to optimize cat feeding so that your cat can lead a long and happy life. Adult cat feeding differs from feeding kittens. Cat feeding changes as your cat moves from one developmental stage to another. There are several ways to supplement your cat's diet. Cat grass, for instance, is an excellent way of helping your cat's digestive system stay healthy.

Feeding Kittens

Starting your kitten off with a healthy diet sets the stage for good health in the future. Kittens should have food that is specially formulated for their unique nutritional needs. Kitten food needs to be a bit higher in calories and fat to provide the proper nutrition for a rapidly growing body.

The best kitten food primarily consists of whole, natural ingredients such as chicken and fish. The label should list foods that are familiar to you and in their whole form. It's best to avoid formulas with by-products and fillers, listed as "chicken meal" or "beef by-products". Kitten food should also be low in grains and should have a low mineral content. Feeding moist food provides the best hydration for your cat.

Raw Food For Kittens and Cats

If I had to do it all over again, I would start my cats on raw food when they are kittens. Raw food formulated for kittens and cats provides the best nutrition because the diet mimics what cats eat in the wild. Kittens in the wild start off with a diet of raw meat, complete with all the moisture that includes. A good raw food formula is natural and provides all the nutrition your cat needs.

A high quality moist food can also provide excellent nutrition. It's important to find canned food that is appropriate for your cat's age and health situation. A cat with chronic urinary tract issues, for example, will benefit from a food that is even lower in minerals and higher in moisture than the average canned cat food.

Cat Feeding Consistency

When it comes to feeding, cats respond to consistency in time and place. It's usually best to feed your cat twice a day. This helps regulate your cat's blood sugar and metabolism. It also helps build and maintain the bonding between you and your cat because cats respond to the action of a human feeding her. A cat feeder misses this bonding opportunity. It can also encourage your cat to overeat because the dish is always full of food.

Feline Dietary Supplements

Cat grass and other dietary additions can help give your cat well-rounded nutrition. Cats eat grass naturally to clean out their digestive systems. If you buy cat grass at the pet store, you can regulate the time and place for this behavior. It may cause mild vomiting or coughing up a fir ball. If your cat gets diarrhea or can't hold their food down because of the grass, you may need to cut back a bit. There are other supplements for joint problems and fish oil supplements for skin and coat health.