Raw Diet Cat Food

Raw diet cat food can help your cat's overall health and longevity. Research shows that cats who eat raw food are more fertile, have fewer illnesses and a longer lifespan than cats who are fed other types of food. There are several components of a raw diet that give your cat specific advantages, and there are several myths to consider before deciding to avoid raw food for your cat. This article will also discuss some of the safest ways to feed your cat a raw food diet.

Advantage of Mimicking the Natural Diet

A wild cat is not very different from your feline pet from a digestive perspective. Cats in the wild eat exactly what they need to best avoid disease and to maintain strength and vitality. A raw food diet is the closest way to mimic what a cat would eat in the wild.

What Cats Naturally Eat

Animal research shows that cats in the wild predominantly eat raw animal protein that includes blood, bones and most other parts of the animal. We also know that cats don't eat grains, and they only eat a very small amount of grass and berries. In nature, cats avoid grains and corn, and they certainly don't eat any sugar.

Healthy Components of a Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet that is specially formulated for cats provides excellent hydration and nutrition for your pet. Cats ingest water through the intestine, which means that they'll get more hydration if their food includes liquids. When food is cooked, it loses some of its nutritional value. This is especially true for kibble, which requires cooking food at extremely high temperatures.

Unnatural Ingredients Cause Disease

Some of the ingredients in many canned cat foods or kibble actually contribute to disease. To protect its shelf life, kibble often has chemicals and preservatives that can actually harm your cat. The grains, corn and sugars often present in canned or dry cat foods can lead to urinary tract problems. Other health issues can result from food colorings and additives put in cheaper foods to keep costs down.

Myths to Consider

There are several myths about feeding a cat raw food to consider. Many people believe that raw meat contains harmful bacterial for the cat. The cat has a very short digestive tract, and so the meat passes through it within an hour. Some people also believe that the raw food will make their cat act more aggressive and wild. Cats who eat raw food actually are often more calm and more amenable to training, because their overall system is functioning at its peak. This includes brain chemistry, which is what most directly affects behavior and mood.

The Safest Way to Feed Raw Food

It's very important to give your cat a formula already designed for cats. unless you are nearly an expert in feline nutrition. If you are going to switch your cat to raw food, do so slowly, mixing in the old food less and less over time. It's also important to carefully follow the instructions for safe raw meat handling.