What Do Cats Eat Naturally?

What do cats eat naturally” is an important question to consider if you want to give your cat the best nutrition possible. Without the proper nutrition, a cat can develop diseases that could have been avoided. Nutrition formulated for a cat’s specific bodily needs can help improve not only his physical health but his behavior and general disposition as well.

The Eating Habits of Wild Cats

Learning about how cats eat in the wild gives us valuable information about the dietary needs of domesticated cats. Cats are mainly carnivorous in the wild which means that the primary ingredient in their diet is meat. Meat contains a vital amino acid called taurine. Without this amino acid, cats lose their eyesight. In the wild, cats do not eat grains, fruit or vegetables except for the occasional chewing on grass or a bit of other greenery.

Raw Food for Cats

The best diet for cats is a specifically formulated raw food diet. Research has shown that cat colonies who eat raw food as opposed to cooked food have greater health and a much lower incidence of serious medical issues.

Most raw formulas contain some small amounts of vegetables and a very small amount of nuts and seeds, and some raw bones. The food is mainly made up of raw meat. If you buy the formula from a reputable pet store and follow the safe handling instructions, it will be fresh and of high quality.

Raw food has several advantages in addition to the excellent nutrition. A cat’s digestive system is well able to handle the raw meat. Moreover, a cat digests moisture through the intestine. In a raw diet, the moisture is part of the food in the form of blood and other fluids as it would be in the wild. Raw bones are safest for a cat and contain valuable minerals and vitamins.

Wet Cat Food as a Potential Alternative

Some cats who aren’t used to raw food may not be able to tolerate it, and some humans prefer to avoid the hassle. Wet food is highly preferable over kibble. At least in wet food, your cat will get the moisture infused with the food for better digestion. Moreover, in wet food, the ingredients can be closer to their natural form and less processed than in kibble.

A high quality wet food will contain mostly whole ingredients, and protein will be the primary ingredient. The meat should be listed as “chicken” versus “chicken by-products”. It’s best to choose food that has little or no grains and one that does not have corn, soy, fillers, or artificial colors. A low ash content is also very important for cats. A cat who eats cat food will also eat flies and spiders that come in the house as well as catching mice outside. Even if your cat supplements his diet in this way, you should never stop feeding him cat food.