Choosing a Cat Scratching Tree

Adding at least one cat scratching tree to your home is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety in your cat and avoiding the destruction of your carpets, blinds and furniture from cat scratching and biting.

Choosing The Right Cat Scratching Tree

Cat scratching posts and trees come in a variety of materials and textures for your cat to enjoy, including carpet, sisal rope, wood and cardboard. Cats usually enjoy having a number of different textures to scratch so it can be helpful to have numerous trees around your house.

Having different angles of scratching surfaces is also important to add variety to your cat's scratching spots. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal angles are available on scratching trees, with some trees offering multiple options in a single product. Experiment with a range of scratching trees to find out what your cat's personal preferences are when it comes to textures and angles.

It can also help if your cat has shown scratching habits in your home already. If your pet loves to scratch up your carpets, a tree with horizontal areas will probably be best. If the back of your couch has been torn to pieces, look for scratching trees with a vertical surface.

A scratching tree will not only save your home from being torn apart by your cat or kitten, but will also provide great exercise, stress relief, and keep claws at a healthy length.