Natural Dog Diet Formulas

A natural, healthy dog diet can make a huge difference in your dog's happiness and health. The proper nutrition can not only help extend your dog's life, it can help improve his behavior and mood. The domesticated dog benefits from the same diet as his wild counterparts. Research has confirmed that a biologically appropriate raw food diet, also known as BARF, works best with any dog's bodily needs, from young to old. You can also incorporate high quality wet food formulas for variety and convenience.

Similarities to the Wild Dog

The modern house dog's digestive system isn't all that different from that of a wild dog. Thus, your dog can not only tolerate but will greatly benefit from the same diet as what's eaten in the wild. Mimicking the diet of the wild dog won't make your dog more wild in his behavior, however. It will actually help him to be more successful in your home and in social situations

The Wild Dog Diet

Dogs in the wild hunt for the majority of their food. This means that they mainly eat raw meat with a small amount of fruit and plants. They're able to tolerate grains but don't eat them much. The dog's body is built to thrive in this kind of environment. A dog can fast for a up to 48 hours because sometimes, they don't have successful hunt for a few days. While you should feed your dog every day, don't worry if he doesn't eat much for 12 to 24 hours.

Bones and Raw Food Diet

The bones and raw food diet (or BARF) consists mainly of protein from whole uncooked animal meat and raw bones. Some vegetables and fruit are in the diet but only a small proportion. The moisture from the blood and raw meat is excellent for your dog because he digests moisture through the intestine. Other ingredients such as raw apples and carrots round out the nutritional content. The high protein content helps develop lean muscle without producing excess fat in the body. On this diet, you'll probably notice a decrease in allergies, arthritis and aggression or lethargy.

Other Important Advantages to a Raw Diet

A raw food eating plan helps maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risk of diabetes. Every calorie counts for something so your dog doesn't gain weight from empty calories. Kibble or low quality canned food contains fillers and calories from unnecessary sources such as grains and sugar. A good raw food formula is lower in sugar than most other types of dog food.

Canned Food For Variety

While raw food is best, it is possible to find a healthy canned dog food. There are raw food medallions that are easy to serve but canned food is even more convenient. Avoid kibble, however, because moist food is important to keep your dog hydrated. It also often has higher quality ingredients and a better nutritional balance. The best formulas are low in grains and have whole ingredients. Whole ingredients are listed as "beef" versus "beef meal". Dogs can develop health problems if they eat soy, corn and artificial ingredients.