Chew Proof Dogs Beds

Chew proof dog beds are a necessity for most dog owners, or at least the owners of dogs who won't stop trying to rip apart their beds. When chew toys aren't enough to distract a dog from chomping on a bed, dog owners should consider beds specifically designed to be chew proof.

Worth the Extra Cost

Chew proof dog beds typically cost up to a few tens of dollars more than the typical dog bed. This is usually do to the additional manufacturing cost of the material that's chew proof. Regardless, most dog owners will find the additional investment worth the price. This is because dogs who like to chew their beds inevitably destroy the cheaper models of beds—sometimes in as little as a few days. Dog owners who have to replace the cheap beds every few days or weeks will spend more on beds on the long run.

Less of a Health Hazard

Most dog beds are made from material that's safe for dogs to ingest, but that doesn't mean that they are intended for digestion. Dogs who chew apart the material and stuffing in the cheaper beds may eat them and will likely wind up vomiting the contents later. Even if they don't vomit, the material will make them full, making them less likely to fill up on the healthy food they need. Chew proof dog beds are near impossible for a dog to swallow.

Less of a Mess

Cleaning up after destroyed beds can prove to be a hassle. Dogs may not only vomit whatever part of the material they ingest, but they may play with stuffing or rip the covering to shreds. Little pieces of material and stuffing may spread throughout the room, behind trash cans and cupboards, under sofas and chairs and into every nook and cranny. Owners can still be cleaning up previously unnoticed pieces of the cheap beds days or weeks later. Chew proof dog beds won't cause messes as easily.

The Chew Proof Materials

Chew proof dog beds are made from much sturdier materials than cheap dog beds. Dog owners may find varieties made from high thread count nylon, which is the most common material. These beds are typically also coated in a dog-safe durable water repellent finish meaning that dog spills, urine and saliva won't stain the bed as well. That also means that these beds are typically safe to take outdoors and are easy to clean by wiping down the surface of the bed.

Chew Proof Caveat

Chew proof dog beds are still intended to be flexible and comfortable for a dog, so they're not made out of material that is absolutely impossible to tear. Many of these beds are more accurately labeled "chew resistant," as even these beds can, after much effort on a dog's part, begin to tear. However, some companies even offer refunds if a dog is able to chew through the bed within the first few months of use. The advantage of these beds regardless is that dog owners will have to replace the beds far less often.