Chicken Dog Treats: A Healthier Alternative

With so many dog treats on the market, it can be tough to distinguish between the safest, healthiest treats and the types of treats you should avoid; one thing is for sure: dog treats made of chicken are a healthy choice.

About Chicken Dog Treats

Chicken dog treats are considered a healthier alternative to beef-based treats, sweet dog treats and fatty dog treats. Chicken dog treats are lower in fat and sugar than regular dog treats, and they do not contain harmful chemical preservatives. Most chicken treats are made with human-grade ingredients such as digestible all natural chicken breast and vegetables such as organic carrots, tomatoes and garlic. Some chicken dog treats are also made with USDA Certified Organic premium chicken and without animal by-products, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, fillers, chemical preservatives, dairy, wheat, egg, corn or soy.

Chicken Dog Treats and Allergies

Food allergies account for 15-30% of all dog allergies. Because chicken dog treats do not contain some of the most common allergy triggers, most are safe for all breeds. Protein is considered an allergy trigger in dogs, but the most common triggers are beef and dairy products. Although chicken protein allergy is not as common as an allergy to beef and dairy, it is possible for your dog to have a reaction. If you are feeding your dog chicken dog treats, but you are not feeding your dog any of the common allergy triggers (including eggs, dairy, beef, wheat, soy and corn), watch for the following symptoms to determine if he may be allergic to chicken protein:

  • Itchy skin (primary symptom)
  • Increased Bowel Movement
  • Hot spots
  • Hair Loss
  • Recurrent or Chronic Ear Infections

Where to Buy Chicken Dog Treats

Chicken dog treats may be purchased from a number of online retailers as well as gourmet treat shops, dog bakeries, gourmet pet food stores, dog boutiques, and large pet store retailers. When purchasing dog treats that are not packaged from large pet store retailers, it is important to ask a manager or employee for nutrition information if it is not readily available. Many large pet store retailers now feature "treat bars," which are basically buffet-style bars that allow customers to select a medley of "gourmet" treats. Simply ask questions to avoid trigger-filled treats.