How Effective Are Chinese Herbal Remedies for Skin Allergies in Dogs?

Chinese herbal remedies use natural ingredients that include plant and root extracts to treat various health concerns in pets. Dogs are often susceptible to skin allergy that occurs due to hypersensitivity of the skin to certain allergens in the environment such as pollen and smoke. Dogs suffering from allergic reactions to food also exhibit symptoms of skin allergy that include excessive itching, redness, inflammation and rash. Regardless of the type of allergen that causes the reaction, the symptoms are largely similar. Some pets develop seasonal skin allergies while others may suffer from chronic skin reactions. Since allopathic medication and anti-histamine drugs are unsafe for use in the long term, pets often benefit from certain herbal remedies.

Chinese Herbal Medications

Although there are several herbs present in nature, not all plants or flowers benefit pets as they may be toxic to the body. In order to administer traditional Chinese herbal medicine to dog's it's necessary to seek help of a professionally trained, Chinese herbalist. Before prescribing herbal remedies the herbalist will assess the dog's medical condition, underlying symptoms present and formulate herbal preparations that suit individual dogs needs. Tinctures with a glycerin base are preferred for use in dogs as they're safer for the digestive tract and more palatable.

Effectiveness of Chinese Herbal Remedies

Chinese herbal remedies are safe for administration for chronic illnesses and illnesses that may be cured over a period of time. These herbal remedies aren't recommended for use during life-threatening situations that require surgical intervention or prompt medical care. Since the effects of Chinese remedies are noticed after several weeks of initial administration, it's best to discuss with the vet, use of herbal remedies to treat individual pet health concerns. Herbal remedies also interact with several commercial drugs. It's thus important to obtain prior vet approval before administering herbal medicines, Chinese remedies and over the counter herbal formulas.

Chinese Remedies for Skin Allergy

Since the principles of Chinese medicine differ from western drugs, the herbalist will evaluate the symptoms of skin allergies and prescribe remedies to maintain a balance of heat and cold in the pet's body. In addition, certain foods are considered more useful as they alter the heat and cold present in the body. Chinese medicine aims to treat the heart of the problem rather than the symptoms present. Due to this, it may take a while before the benefits of the remedy are noticeable. Commonly used herbs in medicines formulated for dog skin allergies include burdock, Aloe Vera, Chinese angelica root and honeysuckle flower.

Commercially Available Formulas

  • PetAlive skin and coat tonic for pets
  • Itch relief for dogs
  • Skin herbs hot spots
  • Skin herbs topical herb wash

Response to Herbal Treatments

Although several pets respond favorably to Chinese herbal remedies, acupuncture and massage, few pets may not show signs of recovery. Dogs that don't respond favorably to herbal medicines require further diagnostic tests to rule out underlying health concerns.

Chinese herbal remedies should be administered according to vet instructions. Since overdose of certain natural ingredients causes adverse reactions, it's best to administer medication in appropriate amounts.