Comparing the Furminator to Conventional Cat Grooming Tools

The Furminator has significantly gained in its popularity and has become one of the more commonly used cat grooming tools. While conventional cat grooming tools still dominate a lot of the market, more cat owners are trying the Furminator and finding that it helps abate shedding and provides better coat maintenance than conventional cat grooming tools do. The key to this finding is the Furminator's ability reduce shedding and to remove hair at skin level, which conventional cat grooming tools cannot reach. 

Why Grooming Is Important

The fur on your cat is an excellent place for parasites and dirt to hide. And because the cat hair is so thick and plentiful, a lot of those nasty things can hide deep within the recesses of the fur in places that your cat can't even reach. This is why you need to assist your cat in his routine grooming.

Additionally, many intestinal worms, such as tapeworms, come from ingesting an infected flea. When your cat is grooming himself, all he has to do is ingest one of these infected fleas and all of a sudden he is infected. However, you can avoid this by performing some of the grooming yourself.

Conventional Grooming Tools

The most conventional grooming tool is the typical cat brush. Cat brushes can come in either hard-wire bristles or soft bristles. They are also available in all different sizes and colors.

The problem with conventional cat brushes is that they typically only sweep the surface of your cat's coat. What this does is it picks up all of the hair that has already been shed, but it does not penetrate down to the skin level. While you can certainly reduce the amount of hairballs found lying around your house from shedding, the process will need to be repeated daily because your cat will continue to shed daily.

The Furminator

The Furminator is a cat grooming tool which was actually created by a groomer who was looking to reduce the amount of shedding of cats. What she came up with is known as the Furminator.

The Furminator is a unique tool designed to not only pick up the hair that has already been shed, but it is also designed to get down to the skin level and remove the hair as it begins to shed. Most cat owners think that they only way to stop shedding entirely is to have their cat's hair cut and trimmed. But the introduction of the Furminator has changed all of that.

The Furminator is specially designed to grab the hair of the undercoat without actually cutting the hair. This means that you can still maintain the glorious luster of your cat's coat, while eliminating the prospects of shedding by up to 90%. The Furminator also rejuvenates the natural oils of your cat's skin. When these oils are brought to the surface, they help to maintain the silkiness of your cat's hair.

The Furminator is a great alternative to conventional cat grooming tools. It comes in four different sized blades which can be used to suit the size of your cat. It is also a relatively cheap tool and can be purchased for between $30 and $60.