Indoor Dog Training Devices

Dog training devices are very useful when you perform the training at home. You can find a variety of devices that you can use to reinforce good behavior or prevent undesirable actions. Depending of which particular behavior you want to reinforce or prevent, you can use collars, clickers, leash or ultrasonic devices. If you want to make sure you are using the right devices, you could also consult a professional dog trainer.

Indoor Dog Training Devices

Indoor training varies from outdoor training because your dog will manifest differently indoors. For instance, if barking is less annoying in the open air, your family and neighbors might be disturbed with the noise when your dog barks indoors.

Therefore, indoor dog training devices are designed to teach your dog appropriate indoor behavior: being quiet and acting in a more responsible way. Different types of collars, clickers, ultrasonic trainers and other tools prove useful in indoor dog training.

Electric Collars for Indoor Dog Training

Electronic collars can be useful in indoor dog training since they allow correcting your dog’s behavior via a remote control.

Whenever you press the button on the remote control, the collar gives your dog small electric shocks. When you see your dog engaging in an undesirable action, you can activate the collar via the remote control. In time, your dog will associate the unacceptable action with the unpleasant electric shocks and will avoid doing it in the future.

This training method works in a similar way to the traditional punishments given to dogs when they misbehave. It is similar to slapping him with the newspaper, but the difference is that the dog will not start being afraid of the owner. You can correct his behavior from a distance. This collar is still controversial because of the electric shocks it provides, but they are safe and do not cause any serious harm to your dog.

Bark Collars for Indoor Dog Training

The bark collar does similar things to the electric collar. It gives electric impulses to your dog, but only when he starts barking. Electric shocks are not activated by a remote control, but they start automatically when your dog barks. It is advisable that you buy a bark collar which can be programmed not to start the shocks immediately when your dog starts barking. This way he will understand that it it okay to bark at an intruder, but is not appropriate to bark all night long.  

Ultrasonic Indoor Dog Trainer

An ultrasonic trainer is a device which releases ultrasounds that can only be heard by dogs or other animals, but do not upset humans. An ultrasound trainer usually comes with two buttons: one for good behavior and one for bad behavior. So, whenever you see your dog performing an acceptable action, you should press the positive response button; when he does something you do not like, you should press the other.

You can also give voice commands or praises when pressing the ultrasonic trainer’s buttons to reinforce the good/ bad behavior.

Clickers for Indoor Dog Training

Clickers are devices which make sounds that are meant to reinforce a dog’s desirable behavior. It should be used in conjunction with voice commands. In time, the dog will learn to associate the behavior with the voice commands and the clicker will no longer be needed.