Dog Feeder Storage: 6 Tips for Proper Preservation

Dog feeder storage is the best way to preserve the quality of your pet's food. A typical bag of dog food lasts a month. During this time, the environment influences the quality of the food. Even high quality foods pose health problems if the food is not stored properly.

Six Tips to Maintain Food Quality

1. Oils within the food react to temperature changes and exposure to the air and light. Essential fatty acids oxidize and even turn rancid. Oxidized fats increase cancer and diabetes risk in mammals. Make sure the food is stored in a cooler area. A freezer is best!

2. Moisture causes mold and mildew to grow on the food. Mold and mildew may be toxic to a dog. Always keep your dog food dry. If any is exposed to water, throw it out.

3. Many insect pests lay eggs in dry foods. Keep the cover on a dog feeder storage bin to prevent insect infestations.

4. Nutritional benefits decrease when exposed to sunlight, humidity and temperature changes. Keep dog food in a dry, cool place.

5. Research proves that some dog feeder storage plastics have chemicals that seep into foods and may cause cancer. Protect dog food from these carcinogens by leaving the food in its original bag if storing in a plastic bin.

6. Transfer the food to gallon-sized freezer bags: Ziploc, Glad and Hefty are free of cancer-causing chemicals. This allows you to safely store bulk quantities of dog food saving money.