Dog Flea Spray

Canine fleas are external parasites that feast on dog blood. Fleas may reproduce at a fast rate and can lay eggs as soon as 48 hours after lodging on a host. There are many methods to eliminate fleas. A dog flea spray may be used to kill fleas, but auxiliary medications are typically recommended to make the flea elimination effective, as the sprays only kill the adult fleas.

Dog Flea Spray

Dog flea sprays may be purchased in all pet stores. The sprays are easy to use and should be effective for a few hours or days, depending on the product and the formula; the flea sprays contain insecticides and may be sprayed on the furniture, rugs, drapes and dog’s belongings, to eliminate the fleas from these as well. However, the flea sprays are only effective to kill the adult fleas, leaving the eggs and larvae intact. Consequently, you will need to get an anti flea solution for the eggs and larvae as well.

Flea sprays are typically not waterproof. However, new waterproof formulas may be available.  

Commonly used flea sprays include the Frontline Spray; there are also all natural sprays available in natural health pet stores.