Dog Food: Organic Options for Healthy Living

Pet owners spend more than $14 million per year on organic dog food and organic dog food sales have increased by 63% in the last year. And according to the Organic Trade Association, organic dog food sales are growing at close to three times the rate of human organic food sales. So what does this mean? Pet parents want their pets to eat just as well (if not better) as they do. They want their pets to live happy and healthy lives, so they're forking over the cash to make it happen. Continue reading to find out just how organic dog food contributes to healthy living. Benefits of Organic Dog Food

Organic dog food is free from artificial colors, flavor enhancers, chemical additives, toxic pesticides, and animal by-products. These types of ingredients can wreak havoc on your dog's body by causing conditions ranging from allergies and constipation to vomiting and diarrhea. They can also cause mood disorders and other behavior problems. Feeding your pet organic dog food can:

  • provide more energy
  • help maintain a healthy weight
  • reduce skin aliments
  • reduce allergies
  • reduce digestive disorders
  • aid in better overall health
  • promote stronger immunity
  • provide a better quality of life
  • lead to longevity

After switching from conventional dog food products which typically contain animal by-products, harsh chemicals, and preservatives such as BHT, BHA, and Ethoxyquin, pet owners also report an increase in energy, brighter eyes, a shinier coat, fresher breath, and smaller stools. Keep in mind that feeding your pet a diet that does not contain fillers, animal by-products or harmful chemical preservatives, but opting instead for organic foods that contain 100% natural and nutritious human-grade ingredients also helps to avoid those frequent (and costly) visits to the vet. How much does organic dog food cost?

Organic dog foods will always cost more than conventional dog foods. Organic dog food (and any type of organic food) costs more to produce because they cost more to produce, they are higher in quality, and they contain more human-grade ingredients. A typical 25-pound bag of 70% organic dog food can cost $40 or more and a 15-pound bag of 95% organic dog food can cost as much as $50. Where to Purchase Organic Dog Food

Organic dog food can be purchased at large pet store retailers across the country as well as smaller independent pet food stores. They can also be purchased at upscale pet boutiques and pet stores and at pet salons. If you are familiar with specific brands, organic pet food can be purchased online, directly through the producer. Organic food stores such as Whole Foods and Wild Oats sell organic pet foods as well. To learn more about organic dog food and healthy living, see:

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