Cat Bathing Products for Home Grooming

There are several cat bathing products that can be used at home to groom pets on a daily or weekly basis. Although cats don't need a bath as often as dogs, they should be bathed at least once a month so that they remain free from dirt and external contaminants. Apart from bathing the pet, you should also perform routine grooming procedures to keep your cat in optimal health. Consider brushing his teeth at least once a week, combing his hair daily and trimming his claws when needed.

Cat Bathing Products Include:

  • Hypoallergenic shampoo
  • Flea shampoo (if required)
  • Soft towels
  • Claw Scissors
  • Nail caps
  • Comb
  • Ear cleansing solution 
  • Cotton swabs

The Best Products for Your Pet

Although there are a wide variety of commercial products, you should purchase shampoos that soothe the cat's skin. If the cat is hypersensitive to certain ingredients present in commercial shampoos, purchase hypoallergenic shampoos that contain oatmeal. Conversely, if the cat is suffering from a parasite infection, use a good quality flea shampoo instead of the regular hypoallergenic one.

Purchase nail-trimmers that won't hurt your pet. Since your cat may scratch you during the bath, consider putting nail caps on his claws. Use ear cleansing solutions to clean the cat's ears only after obtaining prior vet approval. These solutions remove wax buildup and debris and prevent ear irritation.

Other Products

There are several other products that are helpful during the grooming process. De-shedding tools for instance, help you deal with excessive shedding. If you use these tools to groom your cat, you will prevent his hair from matting. Use a separate hair dryer to blow dry the cat's fur after you've given him a bath. If necessary, consider using coat conditioners and oils to promote healthy skin.

Grooming the Pet

As a general guideline you should brush the cat's coat once a day to brush off dust or particles that settle on the coat. This also helps you identify flea infections. You should brush your cat's teeth to prevent the development of periodontal diseases. Make sure you buy pet toothpaste and use a small pet toothbrush to maintain proper oral hygiene. Breath fresheners aren't necessary but may be ideal for cats suffering from halitosis.

Homemade Products vs. Commercial Products

Although there are many solutions that you could prepare at home to groom your pet and keep his ears clean, you should consider using natural products that are commercially available, because they contain ingredients in the right proportions. Some homemade products may cause a skin reaction if they're not used properly and it's therefore best to use commercial shampoos and ear cleansing solutions when bathing the pet.

Tips for Pet Owners

Make sure you find out how to give the cat a bath so that you can complete the task with relative ease. Keep all the products handy before you immerse the cat in water. Most cats are reluctant to have a bath and won't necessarily cooperate with you.

Healthy skin and fur is an indicator of good health in pets. It's therefore important for pet owners to invest a little time and effort to groom their pets periodically.