Making Dry Dog Food More Enjoyable

Many dog owners have noticed that their pets don't enjoy dry dog food. But veterinarians caution that the bulk of a dog's nutritional needs should come from good quality dry food. Wet dog food comes with some troubles, as well; it can become lodged in a dog's teeth and create decay. Dry dog food acts almost like a toothbrush by "scrubbing" off the plaque on the dog's teeth as he chews. But it can be difficult to convince many dogs to eat even the best dry dog food.

Making Dry Dog Food More Enjoyable

The easiest, quickest and cheapest way many pet owners make dry dog food more appealing is to simply add warm water to give it the moisture their dog prefers. However, there are other options that are more flavorful and also preserve more of the crunchy texture that promotes good dental hygiene.

Mix Some Wet Food with Dry

One frequently effective approach that is easy to try is to mix dry dog food with a quality commercial wet food that your dog enjoys. First try a half and half ratio of wet food to dry. Each day, over the course of a week, decrease the amount of wet food until the contents of his serving is approximately one part wet food to four parts dry. If you lessen the amount of wet food mixed in with the dry dog food gradually, chances are your dog won't notice the difference.

The addition of a small amount of wet food will improve your dog's taste experience while making sure he's getting the right amount of dry dog food to dislodge any wet food particles that get stuck in his teeth.

Adding Small Amounts of Low Sodium Chicken Broth

If you prefer to avoid using wet dog food, you can try adding a small amount of low sodium chicken broth to the dry dog food. Dogs will be attracted to the chicken broth aroma. Warming the food in the microwave will increase the aroma and "nose appeal" of his dinner. The flavor and moisture in the chicken broth will make the dry dog food more enjoyable for your dog.

An economical but slightly more time consuming way to make your dog's dry food more enjoyable is to simmer leftover chicken or beef meat and bones in a pan. When done, discard the bones and reserve the meat for part of one of your own meals. Next, add some brown (not white) rice to the broth. Some pet owners add a chopped up dog vitamin or supplement to the rice/broth mixture (consult your vet first).

Don't mix the entire contents of the pan with one serving of dry dog food; add a spoonful to a meal serving of dry food, and store the rest in sealed portion-sized containers in your refrigerator.

Some Dogs Like Yogurt, and It Can Be Good for Them

Try mixing about a tablespoon of plain yogurt (not artificially sweetened or dyed) with your dog's dry food. The moisture in the yogurt will make the dry dog food more appealing, and the digestive enzymes will promote healthy bowel movements.

If you prefer to stay strictly with dry foods for your dog, you can still make his mealtime tastier by finding a dry dog treat that he enjoys and breaking it up into his regular dry food. When your dog eats it, give him positive support and praise.