Essential Pet Grooming Tools

Keeping your pet nice and clean at home requires a good set of pet grooming tools. You'll need to be able to give your pet a full and varied treatment of grooming services if you want to keep him looking his best. Grooming is also important for your dog or cat's hygiene, and it can help to prevent skin conditions, fur problems and many other potential health issues. Read on for some of the most crucial pet grooming tools that you should be sure to purchase for your dog or cat.

Steel Toothed Comb

Regardless of your dog's breed or size, it's important to have the appropriate kind of brush to groom him with. A good comb will have relatively wide spaced teeth that can help to catch and remove hairs that were about to fall out through shedding. Steel toothed combs are more appropriate for medium or larger dogs; you'll need to be very gentle when using these combs with smaller dogs. Many cats also really enjoy the experience of being brushed with combs like this, and it can make the grooming experience much more pleasant for both you and the pet than it would be if you used a softer comb.

Nail Clippers

Specialized scissors or clippers can be used to help remove your cat or dog's excessive nails and claws. Because your dog has no natural way of getting rid of claws that grow too long, it's up to you to do that. In the wild, these claws would normally be ground down through natural movement, but many modern domesticated dogs don't have the activity levels to mediate that. Therefore, using clippers to keep your pet's claws short will keep him happy and healthy, and it will also help to ensure that you don't have scratch marks on your floors or furniture.

Hair Clippers

A good set of hair clippers for your dog is also crucial, regardless of the type of dog that you have. Hair clippers will help to remove excess hair from your pet. Most clippers are fully adjustable so that you can control the length of the hair that you cut. When choosing hair clippers, it's important that you find ones that will not get too hot; this can hurt the dog as you work on his hair. You should also find clippers with a good blade and replace the blade as necessary, so that your dog doesn't have his hair pulled out. This is also crucial.


Dogs must be bathed in the same way that humans are. There are specialized canine shampoos and soaps which can help to keep your pet's skin clean and his fur free of dirt, debris and other potentially harmful or uncomfortable items as well. Plan to bathe your cat or dog between about once per week and once every two weeks, if at all possible. The earlier you can start to bathe your pet, the more comfortable he's likely to be.