Examining Alternative Cures for Cancer in Cats

Alternative cures for cancer in cats can not only help to prevent the disease, but can be an additional source of treatment once your cat has been diagnosed. Conventional medicine may offer treatment options such as chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery, but often these options are costly and cause significant side effects. There are several alternative cures for treating cancer in cats, and with proper research, you may be able to successfully improve your cat's well-being with a combination of traditional and alternative medicine.

Supplements and Herbal Remedies

There are many supplements and herbal remedies offered commercially as alternative cures for cancer in cats. Before choosing any one treatment method, it's very important to research ingredients carefully to be sure they are acceptable for use with cats. The physiological system of a cat works differently from that of other species, and some natural ingredients are toxic to their bodies. One example of this is essential oils, which should never be used on or around cats. A cat's liver does not efficiently discard toxins, and essential oils contain natural chemicals which can build up in a cat's system, potentially leading to death. Be sure dosages of any acceptable natural remedy are modified based upon your cat's weight, if necessary.

Eliminate Cancer-Causing Substances

Once your cat has been diagnosed with cancer and you begin your search for alternative cures, you may be surprised to find out how harmful many of your household products can be to a cat. Cancer occurs when the immune system is too weak to fight it off naturally, and the continued presence of anything toxic will prolong the condition and discourage healing. Inspect your pet's environment and remove any products that contain chemicals, pesticides or toxins. You may also wish to switch your cat litter to that which contains natural ingredients, such as plant-based or litter made from recycled newspapers.

Diet is Very Important

One of the main concerns regarding cancer in cats is their diet. When researching and attempting alternative cures for cat cancer, it's very important to change the diet as well. Until recently, the ingredients used in commercial cat food were either unknown or unquestioned. Recent research reveals that ingredients used to make most national brand foods are neither nutritious nor healthy for a cat. Cooking, processing and the addition of chemicals for color, taste and shelf-life strip away any nutrients and replace them with unhealthy substances. Choose a diet made from organic foods or begin preparing meals at home with fresh meat and vegetables. You'll be surprised at how quickly your cat's overall health will improve by changing to a more healthy diet.


Homeopathy is one of the leading possibilities that can provide alternative cures for cancer in cats. A homeopathic or holistic professional will observe all the symptoms a cat is suffering and choose a remedy based upon the results. These remedies are all-natural and are aimed at treating the cause of the disease, rather than just the symptoms.