Features of Organic Dog Food

A well-balanced organic dog food can provide numerous health benefits not afforded by standard brands of canine food. The key to finding a proper organic food for your pet is to ensure that it meets all of his nutritional needs.

Standard dog foods are strictly regulated for ingredient content and nutritional elements by the FDA, but some organic foods are not. Regardless of the quality of ingredients in your dog's food, if his basic nutritional needs are not met, he will not be healthy. Fortunately, most organic dog foods are of high quality and meet all of the needs that your dog's body has. The following are some of the features of an organic dog food.

Reduction of Allergies

Many dogs suffer from food allergies or sensitivity. Your dog's body may react negatively to a particular ingredient in his food, resulting in skin irritation, rashes, redness and more negative symptoms. Organic dog foods are typically constructed from a different set of ingredients than regular dog foods, and they contain fewer preservatives and additives. As a result, pets that are allergic to standard foods may find relief from their allergies with organic ones. Before you attempt to switch your dog's standard food to an organic diet, however, it is important that you determine as best you can which allergen or ingredient he is sensitive to. This can be accomplished with the help of a veterinarian.

Better Digestion

Organic dog foods contain fewer chemicals and extra ingredients. Coloring agents, thickeners and other additives can be difficult for your dog's body to digest, and they often end up slowing his digestive system down and adding to his weight. Organic foods, on the other hand, are easy to process and will help to keep your pet's digestive tract operating on a regular and healthy schedule.

Protection Against Diseases

Organic dog foods additionally contain ingredients that are natural protectors against a variety of diseases and conditions. By consuming these foods, your pet effectively adds a health supplement or natural preventative measure to his diet. Dogs that eat organic diets may be less likely to develop cancers, respiratory problems and a number of other diseases as well.

Weight Loss and Stability

If you feed your pet organic dog food in moderation and according to his weight and size, you may find that any preexisting overweight or obesity problems become diminished. This feature of organic dog foods is dependant upon his other eating and his levels of exercise, but organic foods contain healthier nutritional profiles than their standard food counterparts, delivering high levels of energy and nutrition without excess calories.

Before switching your pet's food type, it is important that you work with a veterinarian to determine his overall health. There are many types of foods available to dogs either suffering from or predisposed to certain diseases. Additionally, many brands of standard and organic food have developed special formulas for dogs of certain ages or breeds, and these can help to give your pet the best nutritional package for his particular system.